Planning to harvest fish soon July 12, 2015

I am planning to do some fish harvesting in the next several weeks, if anyone is interested let me know and perhaps we can line up schedules. I will probably also make fish available through

This is all channel catfish, raised in Aquaponic Systems. They are not bottom feeders, we feed them floating feed.

I’ve got a couple tanks (each with 30-40 fish) with big fish, mostly 3-6 lb fish. Those need to get harvested first. I have another aprox 140 fish in the 1-4 lb size range that I could harvest if there is demand.

These fish would be whole on ice!!! I can’t legally clean them for you since I don’t have a certified kitchen or certified food service manager to oversee it. If my husband is around he is sometimes willing to demonstrate cleaning the fish but that requires special scheduling to make sure he is available and willing to do it at the time.

Be sure to bring a cooler and bag of ice since I don’t have an ice machine on property.

Price will be $3 per pound and will cover the CO2 I use to humanely put the fish down before weighing and packing them in your cooler with your ice.

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