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Exciting news. Ultraskrim will soon be replacing Duraskrim as the primary Aquaponic Liner.

Here is a link to the New UltraSkrim FGC liner

Liner in rail bed rig

Just installed liner into small rail bed rig

Prices on Dura-Skrim 20WW Liner
I am almost out of Dura-Skrim. Details on Ultraskrim coming soon.
I do still have some small pieces of Dura-Skrim left at the farm
6′ X 10′ $31.49 (This is almost not big enough to do a 4′ x 8′)

Shipping and sales tax not included in the above prices. 7% sales tax will be included on products picked up at the farm or shipped in Florida.
If you wish to estimate your own shipping costs, see the following.
The smallest pieces of liner ship from Yalaha, FL 34797 via USPS priority Mail. Post Calculator
6′ X 10′ 74 X 4 X 4 @ 10 LBS.

If you want to order, contact me with;
1- your shipping address (I at least need your zip code for shipping estimation.)
4- what size you want

I’ll get you a shipping quote. If you still want to order tell me so and what e-mail you would like me to send the paypal invoice to. I will prepare the shipment as soon as you pay the invoice. If you don’t like paypal, contact me and I can accept checks or money order through the mail but I can not ship until the check clears.
I have not set up paypal buy now buttons for this yet since I want to make sure I’m charging the right amount for shipping

If you want larger rolls of the Ultra Skrim liner, please let me know the following.
What size and type liner you want.
The new liners are…

20mil Ultra Scrim SR White/White, this comes in 6′ wide or 12′ wide 100′ long rolls
Ultra Scrim SR or “string reinforced” is a multiply layer U.V. stabilized polyethylene. It is engineered with the highest quality control standards to provide the strongest and more durable liner on the market!
Extremely Strong, yet lightweight
New String-reinforced technology with multiple layers
U.V. Stabilized, with a great outdoor life
Great for multiple applications, aquaponics, construction, greenhouse, vapor barrier, pond-liners, agricultural/hay covers and more!


GPS Ultra Scrim FGC- Food Grade, FDA Compliant… Amazing! comes in 6′ wide by 100′ long rolls
GPS Ultra Scrim FGC is a new technology liner that is FDA Compliant, Food Grade, 100% recyclable and incredibly strong due to its multi-axial grid reinforcement. What separates this lines from other string reinforced liners is the grid which is comparable to the string reinforcement in other liners. The whole liner is FDA compliant, Food Grade, and 100% recyclable.
Roll Size: 6’0″ x 100′
Color: White
Bottom line: This film will not harm the environment!
Great for use in:
Hydroponics * Aquaponics * Food Facilities

Please include your name, e-mail address, complete shipping address (if it is a business address or residential address, please remember the zip code) and phone number and the quantity/type of liner you would like so I can get a price and shipping to include in the quote and paypal invoice. You do not need a paypal account to pay for things through paypal, it just makes it quicker.
Thank You,

Hello! Please use this contact form to send us an email.

20 comments to DURA-SKRIM 20WW LINER

  • Allisyn Wood

    Hi! Is this the liner you use in the photos for the rail troughs? How does it not bust a hole using media?? Regarding your rail troughs, can the items be purchased individually (such as the metal connectors)? I saw a price, but not sure exactly what is included. I’ll reads it over again. The sagging media bed still siphons OK??

    We are using your uni-seals! They are awesome!

    Thanks again,

  • TCLynx

    Yep the same liner.
    It is tough stuff and I’ve only used light weight liner in the full 12 inch deep beds but so far it is fine with media. Just be careful with shovels, forks and trowels when digging in the bed.

    Yes I can sell the clamps and parts separately. Contact me with the info about what you want and I can get you prices or do up a custom order for you.

    And I do have 2 beds with media and siphons and they have been working fine, Better than I would have expected since they are not even affnan siphons and the water flow into the beds is not all that fine tuned. No breather tubes either.

  • joe martino

    Hey TCLynx. My name is Joe and I represent RAD Services at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wa. We are just finishing up construction of a hybrid solar greenhouse, and are planning to build an aquaponics system on the inside, but are working on a tight budget. We are working to wrap the system and greenhouse into academic programming here at the college, in order to further our communal understanding of AP.

    We are looking at using the Dura-skrim, but I have a question; are the metal rails required for the dura skrim product to be effective? Our thought was that we would be able to cut the dura skrim to the size of the bed, and that the weight of the media would keep it in place. I am concerned though that the “sag” is necessary for the pond liner to adequately perform. I am also concerned that the necessity of rails would put this product out of our price range. Any thoughts?

    • TCLynx

      many people build with wood. I happen to live in termite and carpenter ant territory so having liner next to wood creating a nice moist hidden place between the liner and the lumber means I’ve run into problems with pests nesting between them and even eating through from the wood into the liner causing leaks, hence why I’m using metal rails for my construction.

      The “radius” in the bottom is important if you don’t intend on building the sides of your boxes really super strong to keep the water/media from bowing the bed outward. The radius allows the liner to pull downward on the top of the frame rather than pushing the sides of your bed out. This certainly can still be done when building with wood, you just have to secure the top edge of the liner along the top edge of the bed frame.

      • joe martino

        Hey, thanks for the assistance. I’m wondering if you might be able to help me price/size out some of this stuff? I have pond and bed dimensions, let me know if this is something you can help with.

        • TCLynx

          I can help some on that. However if the “pond” is going to be a complex ornamental shape, I’ll have to recommend you get EPDM pond liner since the DuraSkrim isn’t really good for folding into complex shapes. DuraSkrim does rectangular very well but is not stretchy or all that flexible in more than one direction at a time.

          The most popular shape is an almost 4′ wide bed that is about 1′ deep and if you have a slight radius in the bottom corners, a 6′ wide piece of liner can manage to do this size bed.

      • JackSmits

        just for information sake….the carpenter ants are there to feast on the termites…they get the name because they are usually found in the termite damaged wood.

        • TCLynx

          Thanks for the info. Now while I know most carpenter ants are definitely not eating the wood, they can chew into it and make nests in it. There are also at least a few different kinds of carpenter ants, I’ve met them in areas where termites were not as well.
          I don’t like to use liner against wood just because the space between tends to be moist and a perfect place for all sorts of pests to nest. While I’m not looking to call any particular pest a bigger problem than any other, where I am located ants in general can be a real pain and they are very difficult to combat around aquaponics.

  • Joe Martino

    Hey thanks! The pond and beds are rectangles. The first bed is 11’2-1/2″ x 34″ x 1’deep. The second bed is 7.5′ x 4′ x 1’deep. The pond is 12x4x4. One random question; you know of any bulkhead fittings that will make it through a 2×6 with enough thread on the other side to get it tight? Thanks again!

    • TCLynx

      How much excess or overlap you need will depend on how you are securing the liner along the top edge and if you are going tight into the bottom corners or leaving a radius curve to pull down on the top edge instead of pushing out.

      To figure out how much liner you need roughly is basic math.
      Length + 2xdepth + 2xneeded overlap/excess = overall length
      Width + 2xdepth + 2xneeded overlap/excess = overall width

      The liner comes in 6′ wide rolls
      11 1/2′ wide rolls
      it is possible to get wider but I would recommend adjusting the pond shape to work with this size or you will be wasting a lot of liner.

      So for the 11′ 2 1/2″ long bed, I would say you need to get a 6′ wide by 15′ piece of liner if you are securing the edge of the liner to the top edge of the bed.

      For the 7.5′ by 4′ bed, You might want to adjust that bed so the interior is just under 4′ wide so that with a slight radius in the bottom corner you will still be able to use a 6′ wide piece of liner and that one would need to be at least 10′ long.

      For the pond, that is a bit more difficult since I don’t know how you will be constructing it or attaching the top edges but the liner will need to be more than 20′ long and 12′ wide, again I don’t know how much more since I don’t know the construction or attachment methods.

      When I plumb through liner, I usually use a plastic backing of the appropriate thickness for the plumbing fitting and cut a larger opening in any wood box to allow the space to install the plumbing fitting.

  • joe martino

    I think we are going to go with a radius curve, it just sounds smart. We do plan to secure the liner to the top edge of the beds and potentially the pond as well. As per the 7.5 x 4′ bed, noted.

    As per the pond, its currently in the ground, and constructed out of cinder blocks on top of a pad. We’ve been talking about building a 2×6 frame on the inside so that we can insulate the pond, but I will admit we need to do more thinking before we order. Thanks for all your help!


  • Joe Martino

    Hey TC,

    Just had a quick question, is the duraskrim something that can be cut on site with a box cutter or razor?


  • Joe Martino

    Also, I had looked into making more accurate measurements of our pond. Its more of a 12 x 3.5 x 3′ thing. Concrete and square. If I’ve done my math right, and if I’m getting the right information from Raven about attaching to concrete (who I think makes duraskrim) I will only require at most a 2″ overlap. SO, (almost outta breath) it would appear that I would need something thats about 19-1/4″ x 11-1/4″. If that sounds about right to you, would you be able to price that out for me?

    Also we adjusted that one bed to about 38.5″, thanks for the advice!!!

  • joe martino

    Although, I think the 2′ overlap might be a great idea. And actually after reading back on the Raven site it recommends that as well. So it looks like a 23 x 14 liner. Is that something you could supply?

    • TCLynx

      No it comes in 6′ and 11 1/2′ wide rolls. I can get the 6′ wide rolls in 25, 50, 75 and 100′ lengths.
      The 11 1/2′ wide rolls I can probably only get in the 100′ length.
      It is probably also possible to get a 16′ wide roll but that would definitely be a special order and probably also only available in the 100′ length.

      You can get EPDM liner in a wide variety of sizes and that might be the better option for the “pond or fish tank.”

  • do you have a catalog,please send one thanks,frank

  • Cynthia

    I noticed one side is textured and the other is smoother. Is there an “top& bottom” to this or does it not matter?

    • TCLynx

      I don’t think it really matters. It is just one surface has the mesh scrim closer to it. You might choose to have the smoother side in to make cleaning easier but as far as the material standpoint, the outter layers are both the same resin.

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