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Expanded Shale “Rocks in a Box”

For those who wish to purchase light weight media for their aquaponics systems, I’ve got just the thing. Expanded Shale “Rocks in a Box” have been specially sifted for just the right size range to work properly in Aquaponics. Many products will have too many “fines” in the bag to be immediately usable for aquaponics without extra processing or danger of grow beds clogging and not getting enough air/water movement.

“Rocks in a Box” expanded shale is processed and packaged to be the “right size” for Aquaponics and not require all the extra work or re-sifting the media before rinsing and putting in the grow beds.

The packaging is heavy duty enough to ship without worry that your bag will arrive empty. Lets face it a bag of rocks is easy to rip during shipping, hence the “Rocks in a Box.”

Expanded Shale

Expanded Shale

Expanded Shale “Rocks in a Box” Grow Media – sample pack
4 cup of grow media to let you check it out.
$9.95 Free shipping.

Expanded Shale “Rocks in a Box” Grow Media – 25 liters

Expanded Shale “Rocks in a Box” Grow Media – 40 liters

Even though they are “light weight” rocks, they are still rocks and it is expensive to ship rocks. To get an idea of the shipping costs you can go ahead and get your own quote.
USP Shipping Calculator
The “Rocks in a Box” ship out of Eastford, CT 06242
the 40 liter box is 15″ by 15″ by 15″ and weighs 69 lb.
the 25 liter box is 12″ by 12″ by 12″ and weighs 44 lb.

If you are still interested in ordering, please use the contact form to provide your shipping information and I will send you a paypal invoice. 

Hello! Please use this contact form to send us an email.

Expanded Shale Scale

Expanded Shale Scale

Expanded Shale Bulk orders start at 375 liters (15 bags) come in 25 liter bags wrapped on a pallet and ship freight. This product ships from New England, I do not have it locally in Florida. If interested in bulk quotes please contact me with the number of bags you are interested in as well as the delivery zip code, if the location is commercial (has loading dock or forklift for unloading) or residential (lift gate is required for delivery.)

Hello! Please use this contact form to send us an email.

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