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SALE Now Till Aug 31, 2013 Rain Saucers Sale
New 59″ RainSaucers now available.
59 inch saucer
Surface Area: 17.5 sqf
Catch: 10.5 gal per in/rain
Wind Resist: up to 50MPH
Barrel Type: Open top
Install: 1 per barrel
Rainfall Rate: high
$70 (please use form below if you wish to buy)

– Made from food safe, UV resistant Plastic
– 1/16″ filtration via mesh screen
– Wind resistance via cables installed underneath.
– Works only with open top circular barrels (not included). 22″ width recommended. Examples include open top drums and Roughneck™ and Brute™ cans.
– Stores flat or via hook through edge hole.
– System comes with 4 parts (RainSaucer, fasteners, filter, and cables).

Rainsaucers over towers

Rainsaucers over towers



RainSaucers™ 48″ Rain Catchment Devices
$55 (Please contact me with the form below if you wish to buy)

The RainSaucers™ system is a patent-pending, low cost, easy to deploy RWH system that catches rain straight from the sky. The RainSaucers™ system has a small enough footprint to facilitate deployment anywhere. Since the catchment mechanism is removable, it can be easily cleaned or stored when not in use. The system works with any barrel or tank. Barrel Not included.

Product Specifications for 48″ RainSaucer™
– Saucer made from food grade, UV resistant Polypropylene.
– Total Surface Area: 11.25 Square Feet
– Harvesting Capacity: 6.75 gallons per inch of rain (fills most barrels with 8-9 inches)
– 2″ NPS threaded male fitting.
– 1/16″ filtration via mesh screen
– Strong wind resistance via retention ring and cables.
– Works with any barrel (not included) that has native 2″ NPS fine thread hole or one installed by bulkhead fitting or compression gasket (ask your barrel retailer).
– Stores flat or via hook through edge hole.
– System comes with 5 parts (Saucer, fasteners, adapter, filter, and retention ring)
– 1 Year Limited Warranty against defects
$55.00 USD

Here is a video

Limited time only, SALE See blog post
If you wish to buy RainSaucers please contact me. I will need to know which size and how many you want and your shipping address (we usually ship these via USPS)
I will get a shipping quote and then send you a paypal invoice (you do not need a paypal account to pay via paypal.)

Hello! Please use this contact form to send us an email.

11 comments to RainSaucers™

  • Ashley Werkema

    For confirmation, what is the height of the rain saucer and the volume when in cone form? How much water does the cone hold if filled? Thanks!

    • TCLynx

      The cone is not going to hold water, it is not sealed. The Saucer is also not sturdy enough to support being full of water, that would collapse it if you were to seal it up.

      However, if it is just a theoretical question, when in cone form it is about 46 inches across and 6 1/2 inches high.

  • S.Wing

    When is the next generation coming out? I will need these soon, and hoping you can get a suppy in quickly. Can you give me a rough time line? I’d like to use these with a Water HOG, and rain barrels.

  • Jmal

    What is going to be different in the next generation saucer?

    • TCLynx

      Funny you should ask, I just got a message from the makers of the product.
      The next generation will be HDPE plastic with some UV protection so that it will last longer out in the sun. I will hopefully have some to test out shortly.

  • Steve Blakemore

    Is there telephone number where I can reach you? I’m interested in the latest version – I believe it’s 59 inches. If you have them, I would be interested in purchasing two. Can I purchase these using a credit card? I’m in Boca Raton.


    • TCLynx

      Hello Steve, I tried e-mailing you with info on the Rain Saucers but I haven’t heard back from you. Phone service here at the farm is pretty spotty and I can’t take credit cards over the phone anyway. I only take credit cards through paypal at this time.

      I have not gotten to test out the new RainSaucers yet myself so I can’t really comment on them for use here in FL yet. I don’t have any in stock at this time but if you really want them, please contact me and I’ll see what I can do to make arrangements to have some shipped direct from the manufacturer to you.

  • Heidi Coash

    I want to order a Rainsaucer. Please contact me when the product is available.

    • TCLynx

      I tried to e-mail you Heidi but it came back as undeliverable?
      Where are you located? I might be able to order the new product now, I’ll have to check. If I know where you are located it would help be know if I have to get the product shipped to me and then re-ship it or if I could simply have the manufacturer ship it directly to you.

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