RainSaucers™ are a way to collect clean water even if you don’t have an appropriate roof surface for water collecting. They are great for people with city water who don’t want to worry about the chlorine, chloramine or fluoride going into their aquaponics system.

RainSaucer™ on bluebarrel

RainSaucer™ on bluebarrel

I don’t yet have any good pictures of my own RainSaucers™ installed but I plan to use them on the frames of my tower systems hooked to barrels or rain tanks to supply top up water for the systems without having to worry about city water or needing to trench a line from the house water system out to the aquaponics system since a garden hose shouldn’t be left under pressure to feed a top up valve indefinitely since it could fail when you are not home and waste a lot of water.

If you are interested in purchasing RainSaucers™ I can help with that.
RainSaucers™ 48″ Rain Catchment Devices

Anyway, there is a new video up showing RainSaucer™ instillation so I thought I should share that here.

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  • richard hutchins

    Do you have the version of rain saucer that fits barrels with snap -on lids [i have a 2″ hole cutter for my drill if needed] – in stock? if so, how much is that?

    • TCLynx

      If your barrel or whatever container you have doesn’t have the threaded fittings to take the rain saucer fitting then it is really easy to mount them on regular plumbing. I sell Uniseals and you would just need to get a piece of the appropriate size pipe to go through the uniseal and then the adapter/s you need to go from 2″ female NPT to whatever size pipe you get to go through the uniseal. The 2″ hole saw will work for the 1 1/4″ uniseal but I wouldn’t go any smaller than that.

      The other option would be to simply remove the top of the barrel and set the saucer on the barrel without the extra plumbing fittings. You would just need some extra string to fasten your rain saucer down under the barrel then. If interested in this idea let me know, I have some pictures where I have done this with buckets.

      I do have the rain saucers in stock as of 10/18/2011.

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