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About Aquaponic Lynx

Hello, I’m Aleece B. Landis and I’m Addicted to Aquaponics…

Most people online know me as TCLynx,  I’m a vocal member of many online forums and communities ranging from Thinshell concrete construction to Aquaponics and many things between. I discovered Aquaponics near the end of 2007 and was immediately hooked after doing a little reading on the Backyard Aquaponics Forum and finally understanding what it was really all about. Before that I had been doing some very small scale hydroponic gardening. There is something so wonderful and empowering about eating a meal that I grew myself that I simply must share that with others.

I started Aquaponic Lynx LLC to further my goal of Helping Families Grow food. It is the ultimate in Local Food to grow your own. There is little more empowering than producing your own food and I think everyone should experience at least a little of that.

I have a few innovative products to sell and a few more that I use so felt they would be good enough to sell to others. I will continue to search for the best, most appropriate products I can find to share.

I can also do consulting for backyard system design or small farm/community projects.

In the mean time, please feel free to contact me and I’ll see what I can help you with.

Contact me to get directions and to arrange an appointment for a visit/tour of my Farm. We have moved to a new Farm in Yalaha, FL (not far from the German Bakery, a popular destination in Central FL.)

TCLynx’s Farm is not only Aquaponics. There are several Aquaponics systems of different types. There is also a Duckaponics system for my muscovy ducks. In that system I hope to grow food for the ducks and chickens. Yep that is right TCLynx also has backyard chickens to provide fresh backyard eggs.

I also Have big compost bins, worm bins, and BSF (black soldier fly) larva bins.

I’ve started making wicking beds for some of the soil gardens and I’m actively promoting a food forest by planting trees and shrubs to provide edibles.

We not only sell the products to grow food yourself, we also sell produce we grow here as well as live plants, water plants, occasionally we have fingerlings we can sell, or even whole fish on ice (bring your own ice and cooler.)

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