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To see the Uniseal value packs please view all or view next! I have not figured out how to get the shop program to show everything automatically on this page.

Site Upgrades

Please bear with me and if willing help me out. I’m adding a shopping cart to the site! I will keep my previous ordering methods for my current products (thought the paypal shopping cart) available until I get the products up on the new cart. I will start out adding new items on the new system. The Old ordering method has the green add to cart buttons while the new system has grey add to cart buttons. Both take paypal as the payment method.

I’m very approachable and if you see an issue or have a suggestion, please feel free to use the contacts tab to send me a message. I am teaching myself how to do this as best I can while I’m also trying to run a new farm.

Where to get food grade H2O2

Zipgrow™ tower systems

Zipgrow™ Towers over Sump

Zipgrow Towers

Single Zipgrow™ Tower Bucket System

Single Zipgrow Tower Bucket System

Zipgrow™ TowerZipgrow™ Tower


Aquaponics Indexing Valve (Seqquencing Valve)

Aquaponics Indexing Valves, Sequencing Valves

Aquaponics Indexing Valves or Sequencing valves provide a means to flood grow beds in sequence thus reducing the size of fish tank or sump tank needed to support a given amount of grow beds. Indexing valves or Sequencing valves are mechanical and only require the flow to them to stop and start to cause them to index forward. Aquaponics Indexing Valves are a great way to expand the amount of grow bed without needing to buy a bigger fish tank.


Auto-Pet Feeders

Automatically feed your fish while you are away. Fish Feeders

These Automatic Pet Feeders and Fish Feeders work well with pellet feed and can reliably feed your pets or fish while you are away. The Fish feeder timer can feed up to 8 times a day and the control is down to the second. These are large fish feeders which can hold enough pellet feed to keep rather large fish stocks fed for days or even weeks.


Quiet One 4000 Pump


These are small energy efficient pumps suitable for small to medium aquaponics systems. Pump choice is important since it will affect the energy bill for an aquaponics system and choosing a cheap pump may cost more in the long run.

Aquaponic SystemsComplete Aquaponics System kits or plans and the hard to find parts to build a system from locally purchased tanks and pipe. Aquaponics System kits can be custom designed for your needs. Please contact me for more information.

New products are in development all the time. Automatically watered seed starting kits are imminent. I have capillary matting available as well. I have found that capillary matting is a great way to keep peat pellets consistently moist without water logging. Capillary matting can also be cut into thin strips and used as wicks for a variety of purposes including in net pots to keep small seedlings moist until their roots reach the water.

UnisealsUniseals are available


Gravel GuardsHold gravel away from the drain without restricting water flow.New Gravel Guards.


MattingCapillary Matting

Aquaponic Systems




Repeat Cycle Timers

Other Products
Hydroponics Supplies Catalog

Rain Saucer on Blue BarrelRain Saucer on Blue Barrel Rain Saucers
Sale August 2013

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