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Tower Systems

300 gallon tower system. I started working on the prototype less than a week ago. If one of the kits doesn’t quite fit your plans or space, please contact me, I simply had to pick a few layouts to make some “standard kits” but these designs are certainly customizable. The 200 gallon tank could definitely support more towers and combo systems could be done with towers and gravel beds. I am happy to work with you on design options.

So I planned this system around 10 Zipgrow towers and a 410 gallon fish tank with about 300 gallons of water in it. This is something of a “CHOP 2″ type system where the fish tank overflows directly to a sump tank where the pump lifts the water up to the towers as well as to the fish tank. The stand for the towers is ten feet long. and the fish tank is just over 5′ in diameter.

Towers over larger sump

Towers over larger sump

I’m still improving on the “sump tank” on this system but starting price here will be $4598.

This item is for local pick up or delivery, if shipping freight charges will be calculated and invoiced separately. Please contact me for more info before ordering. I have one of these in stock and could deliver on short notice at the moment if you don’t mind pre-cycled tower media. Normally these systems will require several weeks lead time before install.

It includes
Fish Tank
Tank cover (simple netting cover standard)
10 towers with media
Planting hook
support rack
plumbing (with hose connect top up valve for the sump tank)

and in central Florida within 150 miles of Tangerine, includes delivery and set up.

Requires power within 8 feet of the tower rack and firm level surface to be set up.

I expect that size fish tank could easily support a second or even third rack of towers given a heavy fish load and additional sump tanks. The sump tank might also support some water plants like water cress or water chestnuts.

100 gallon tower system

100 gallon tower system

I am also in the process of working on smaller systems. One is a 100 gallon stock tank fish tank that could take either 4, 5 foot tall towers and the rack would mount directly over the fish tank. This one should run $1354.76 plus freight Please contact me before ordering a system since we can probably save some confusion by communicating.

pictured at left. I do have one 100 gallon set up in stock but these usually require some lead time for delivery.

I don’t have a picture up for the 200 gallon yet.
The next one is based on a 200 gallon tank with 6, 5′ towers hanging over a sump tank and would easily fit in an 8′ by 8′ space.
This system should run $3384 plus freight Please contact me before ordering a system since we can probably save some confusion by communicating.

The 200 gallon set up will require several weeks lead time before delivery can be made.

I can also put together systems with tanks, plumbing parts, pumps and towers for people who already have a structure to hang the towers from or who wish to build their own support frames. Seems silly to freight lumber around the country when it is so easy to get locally.

Here is a video of me planting a tower

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