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System Design and consulting
I am available for consultation and design services. Contact me if you want to schedule a Skype or phone consultation $40 an hour. Or system design services $50 an hour for Backyard/hobby systems and Farm Scale systems starting at $60 an hour. I am actually a bit resistant to consulting on commercial system unless you already have experience at a backyard or hobby scale since farming is not something to go into without any experience. And aquaponics is farming, it is a lot of work, you can’t do it from your desk and if you ask me how long it takes for the plants to grow and expect a simple single answer, I’m likely to get a bit impatient with you about it. I can’t teach you all about system design, farming, AND business for free and I’m still learning it myself. A successful farm is not something that some one can sell “turnkey” and I don’t agree with those that are supposedly doing so.

Site visits and actual system install, construction, or fixing what is already there starts at $60 an hour plus mileage (from and back to my home in Yalaha, FL 34797) and parts.

Personal Online system assistance for anyone worldwide from $40-$60 per hour depending on how intensive you expect the assistance to be.

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