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Ammoium Chloride

Having trouble finding a source of ammonia for fishless cycling? Not willing to use the free/natural product you flush away daily?

Well here is a solution.
Powdered ammonium chloride
500 grams is enough to dose 44,000 gallons to 1 ppm. Use 1.13 gram to bring 100 gallons to 1 ppm of ammonia See below if measuring this out would be difficult for you.

1 lb bag ammonium chloride

Do NOT use this in a system with fish. Please follow dosing carefully, a little goes a long way and there is no good reason to overdose as too much ammonia can actually inhibit the cycling process.

If you don’t need a whole pound of this stuff, Please contact me. Since the above is enough to cycle up a huge amount of water and you need a fairly sensitive scale to weigh out 1.13 gram amounts, let me know if you would like to have me measure out doses for you to use for cycling. I would simply need to know how much water is in your system and how many doses you think you need (6 – 12 doses would probably do it.) I would charge by the dose (for my time and packaging to measure out the doses) $1 per dose for systems up to about 600 gallons of total system water to be dosed to between 1-2ppm. Shipping for a packet of doses would be about $5.95 here in the USA (if paypal charges too much for the shipping, I will refund the difference if I can ship for less.)

Number of doses
How many gallons? (up to 600)

Hello! Please use this contact form to send us an email.

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