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As in Growing media like gravel or rocks and stuff like that.

6 comments to Media

  • John Yax

    What is the cost of expanded shale, shipped to Sarasota Fl 34232
    I need 50 cubic feet.


    • TCLynx

      Hi John,
      I need to know if you are wanting the Boxed stuff that ships via UPS?
      The Bagged stuff on a pallet shipped by freight? In which case I need to know if it is shipping to a business with a dock or forklift to unload the pallets? Or to a residence or location where the truck will need a lift gate to unload the pallets.


      Is it possible that you could gain access to or the services of a dump truck or trailer to pike up bulk media here in Florida and deliver it to your location?

      The cost of the UPS rocks in a box option will probably cost around $70 just for shipping per 40 liter box shipped.
      The bagged on pallet option will probably cost at least several hundred per pallet just for the shipping.
      The last option cost will depend on if you know some one you can hire with the dump truck or trailer and how much they will charge to pick up the media for you up around Tampa.

      Let me know the details for your desired option so I can provide you with price quotes.

  • carl

    hello tclynx
    I read the question above and the answer about details
    i have one question for you on details i am qoing to need at least 3 yrds
    how much a yard if i pick up in tampa?
    thank you
    carl j
    st augustine fl

    • TCLynx

      Carl, would you rather pick it up in Jacksonville FL if you are in St Augustine, FL?

      The transport charges for the Expanded Slate change from Month to Month so Keep in mind this is only a rough estimate as of May.

      Anyway, To pick up 1/2″ expanded Slate near Jacksonville is going to be around $145.40 + tax per Ton.
      Let me see 1 ton of this media will make about 1.33 cubic yards.
      So 3 yards divided by 1.33 = 2.26 tons if picked up at the Jacksonville yard if you have a truck or dump trailer that can handle that much weight and you feel comfortable letting a giant front end loader dump rocks into it. $145.40 x 2.26= $328.61 + sales tax

      If you want to pick up from the Tampa Yard, that costs a little more it would be $149.15 + tax per ton.

      Again, transport charges adjust each month so the above is only an estimate.

  • robert

    where in jax to pick up

    • TCLynx

      There is a conrad yelvington rail yard around Jacksonville where the media gets picked up but I need to have the order arranged and paid for before it can be picked up, the yard can’t sell it directly.

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