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AquagrowLite Media



I’m working on a new product here. It is a light weight expanded product. I can get it in bulk in 1/2″ that I can deliver around central Florida.
half inch AquagrowLite

half inch AquagrowLite

Please contact me for a quote on pricing/delivery, I will need to know the delivery location. I should be able to deliver up to 6 tons. You will need to have a place I can pull the trailer in and dump it without getting stuck.

We have washed tons and tons of media and the other half who washed the test truck load of the new product says he would choose for us to get the light weight media instead of more river rock the next time we get media.

7 comments to AquagrowLite Media

  • Hugo A Osorio

    I live in Sunrise,FL. (Ft. Lauderdale area)
    I would need the cost of 1500 liters of this media.
    I understand this is expanded shale.
    Thank you

  • Christian Gomez


    I live in Valrico, Fl(Tampa area)
    how much would 450 liters of this media would cost.
    also do you have other sizes, like 3/4 inch.

    Thank You

    • TCLynx

      At the moment I’m only selling this media by the ton (or 1/2 ton) and you would have to pick it up yourself. I currently only have access to 1/2″ in the Tampa area. You would have to go to Miami to get 3/4″

      The Rail charges adjust each month on the media but for right now (April) I can still make arrangements for you to pick up a ton of the 1/2″ media for $150 in the Tampa Area. (It requires driving a truck or trailer to the rail yard that is able to have rocks dumped in it by a giant front end loader and that will be able to haul the weight.)

      One Ton of the 1/2″ media will make 1.33 cubic yards.
      1/2 ton would make about .66 cubic yards

      450 liters is .59 cubic yards.

      So, I would suggest that 1/2 a ton of the 1/2″ media would be appropriate for your project provided you can get access to a truck to pick up the media during the week at the rail yard (FYI I just had some one up near Jacksonville pick up media using a Home Depot rental truck and a tarp.)

      So For April, I can arrange for 1/2 a ton from the Tampa Yard for $75.50 Plus Tax (I charge 7% tax since I am in Lake county and I don’t necessarily know what county you are in.)

      If you wish to get the media, please use my contact form to e-mail me. I will need your name, address, phone number, and the e-mail address you would like the paypal invoice sent to I also need to know what weekday morning you would most like to pick up the media. I will send a map link showing where the yard (scale and office) is once arrangements are made.

  • Vince Yedynak

    I am requesting a quote on two tons with delivery to Old Town, FL (Dixie County)32680 zip Thank You!

    • TCLynx

      Hello Vince, Unfortunately I no longer have access to the dump trailer to deliver the media and the person with a trailer I have occasionally hired in the past is rarely available this time of year to even give me a quote for a delivery.

      I can arrange for you to pick it up or have some one else pick it up at the rail yard (requires a truck or trailer that can have bulk rock dumped into it) but I’m sorry that I don’t currently have a good way to get you a quick quote on delivery. The Closest rail yards to you that carry the light weight media are either in Ocala or Gainsville.

  • Richelle

    I am in Jacksonville, Fl and would like to know where I can get some expanded shale at a good price. I am looking to build a large aquaponic system and will need approximately 38 cubic yards for my final project. For now, I need a smaller portion about 1 cubic yard for a test system I am setting up.

    Thank you.

    • TCLynx

      For the test system, Do you have access to a truck that you can have rocks dumped into the bed and haul one ton? If so I can easily make arrangements for you to pick up your own Expanded Slate media from a Terminal Yard Near Jacksonville. If you can find a hauler (dump truck) for the larger order I can help with arrangements for that too.

      I doubt you want any of the bagged media shipped on a pallet for such a large system if there is any way you can manage to deal with bulk loose media to be delivered.

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