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Peat Pellets

Buy peat pellets for starting seedlings. These are the smaller peat pellets appropriate to planting into Zipgrow towers.

30mm Jiffy Peat Pellets
1.25″x 1.25″
(Diameter x Height)

Grow with the Jiffy 7 advantage today!
30mm peat pellets expand significantly to 1.25″ dia x 1.25″ tall
Fully expand with water to create an all-in-one seed starting system
30mm jiffy pellets are a great choice for starting most seeds indoors or outdoors


2 comments to Peat Pellets

  • Bob Grinder

    These Jiffy pellets, when you plant them in the AQ systems whether Zip grow towers or the hydroton do you have to wash everything away except the roots like as you would planting seeds in dirt? If so how difficult is it to get most of the dirt off the roots?

    • TCLynx

      I haven’t been removing the peat pellet or washing the peat away from the roots when I use them. I have way more grow bed and towers than I need normally so this hasn’t been a problem in my system. Now if you are running constant flood or have less than a 2:1 grow bed to fish tank ratio, it might be more of a problem with solids build up or the base of the plants staying too wet.

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