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Aquaponics Indexing Valves

Buy Indexing Valves/Find Your Dealer Through this link is a java script map you can click on to get contact info or directed to the web site of the dealer for that area. For Discount prices on indexing valves please order through your dealer.

Aquaponics Indexing valves! Sequencing Valves!

Aquaponics Indexing Valves or Sequencing valves provide a means to flood grow beds in sequence thus reducing the size of fish tank or sump tank needed to support a given amount of grow beds. Indexing valves or Sequencing valves are mechanical and only require the flow to them to stop and start to cause them to index forward. Aquaponics Indexing Valves are a great way to expand the amount of grow bed without needing to buy a bigger fish tank.

The valves come in three different sizes. 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″
They also come in a few different bodies. 4 outlets, 6 outlets, 8 outlets (only in 1″ though)
There are cams that can be installed in the valves to allow them to operate different numbers of outlets.
For example the 4 outlet body can be cammed to run 2, 3 or 4 outlets and one would simply cap off the unused outlets if any.
Buy Indexing Valves/Find Your Dealer For special discount pricing please order indexing valves through your dealer at the link above.

Unwilling to go to your specific dealer for the discount, In the USA click here to just buy the full price valves from me.

Indexing valves do require a certain amount of pressure and flow to operate properly. Please contact me for assistance in pump sizing for your specific situation.

Important note, DO NOT use siphons in conjunction with an indexing valve unless your tank is big enough to handle all beds getting stuck flooded (and staying that way) at once. If there is any malfunction that keeps the siphon from kicking in the bed remains flooded even when the indexing valve moves on to the next bed you could have a problem. If you are using an indexing valve to be able to have a smaller sump or fish tank, you should not use siphons with it. If anything reduces the pump flow and the indexing valve doesn’t fully engage, flow will go to all zones and may not be enough to trigger siphons and all beds may become flooded at once and stay that way. With stand pipes the beds will drain but in most siphon set ups the beds could all sit full and the sump be too empty for the system to operate and pumps could burn up. I DO NOT recommend using an indexing valve if you are going to use siphons. If you want to use an indexing valve I DO NOT recommend using siphons. I am not responsible if your siphons are not balanced perfectly to ensure bed drainage when the indexing valve moves on to the next bed. I also can not guarantee that a clog or some other circumstance won’t slow your pump flow so it can’t engage the indexing valve properly. Please set the system up so that if some minor failure happens, it won’t cause a major system desaster.

Aquaponics Indexing Valves (Sequencing Valves)

Aquaponics Indexing Valves, Sequencing Valves

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