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Automated Diversion Valves

These are three way pool valves that can have a motorized actuator attached to automate the operation of the valves.

Automated Diversion Valve

Automated Diversion Valve installed on aquaponics system to control flow to indexing valves

Diversion valve for tower System

Diversion valve for tower System diverting flow back and forth between two banks of towers

This is handy for automating the flow to an indexing valve or simply alternating flow between two different locations without the need to turn the pump on/off all the time. This extends the life of the pump and impellers.

I’ve unfortunately had problems with the valves leaking too much and needing the O rings replaced every few weeks to keep from spraying enough water into the actuator to fail them. This has been a problem for me with the Pentair valves mounted with the actuator in front. So far with the Hayward Valve with the actuator mounted on top and only getting gravity pressure, I have not had a leak yet. I do not have a good supplier for the valves at the moment but I am searching as well as searching for a good controller to work with them.

If you are into electronics, you can probably make your own timer.
I’ll Send you a pdf of the block diagram, parts list and info about how I did my timers for $15.

Or you can patch together any timer plus a relay and a 24 VAC power supply to run the actuator but that can become a bit cumbersome if you are trying to also make it weatherproof.

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