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Zipgrow Tower Stands

Tower frame  shown with towers and tank

Tower frame shown with towers and tank

If you are ordering 4 zipgrow towers for your aquaponic or hydroponic system but don’t have an easy way to hang them, I’ve got a stand for you. It’s 7′ 2″ tall and 56″ wide (and 27″ deep but the stock tank will be deeper) and designed to hang the towers over a 50 gallon rubbermaid stock tank which you can get locally from tractor supply. The stand is built to fit snugly around the base of the stock tank so that once there is water in it, the base will be heavy enough to keep a gust of wind from knocking the stand full of towers over.

Putting the Aquaponic/hydroponic system tower stand together will only require a wrench to tighten the clamps. If using a ratchet with a socket, it will help if the socket is deeper and I’ve been using a 13 mm socket for tightening these bolts on the clamps. If you are short like I am, a small step stool will be a must for assembly and maintenance of the flows to the towers. Video of me putting together the stand coming soon. (Didn’t take long as the unedited video was only about 11 minutes long so assembly is pretty easy.)

I’ll start the pricing at $78.99 and shipping in the continental US looks like it will be around $40.

Here is that video I promised. I did chop bits out to compress it for time a bit but as you will see it is still very simple.

As I have time I may even be able to put together a plumbing kit to make this a Zipgrow tower add on where the 50 gallon stock tank would be the sump and a pump in the stock tank to feed the towers would branch off to feed the fish tank or other grow beds. Such an add on would be easy to combine with an existing Aquaponic system or Hydroponic System.
Please comment or contact me if you are interested or have special requests for how you would like to see such things built.

These Are likely to require a few days lead time at least for the first couple since I will probably be building and packaging them on an order by order basis until I see enough demand to make up several to have ready to ship.

tower frame parts

tower frame parts

Parts list
6 longer pipes
4 short pipes
2 Line Rail Clamps with 2 nuts and bolts each
8 End Rail Clamps with 1 nut and bolt each
4 hanger hooks

This particular design is specially for the Zipgrow towers with a brace across the frame at a good height to lean the towers against to keep them from swinging in the breeze or leaning forward as the plants grow. If you have a different type of towers, I can design a stand for those too, just ask.

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