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Maxicrop Liquid Seaweed

maxicrop label front

maxicrop label front

This is one of the main supplements that gets used in aquaponics. Seaweed extract. It contains potassium and trace elements that are safe for fish and can help get a new system up to speed on the things that are not going to be provided by simply fishlessly cycling a system with pure ammonia.
The seaweed extract doesn’t provide enough nitrogen to risk overloading the bio-filter which is why it is generally quite fish safe.

It doesn’t take a whole lot, a cap full or splash per growbed (depending on the size of grow bed) is about all that is needed per dose and dosing might be once a week or once a month and less often once a system is well established unless plants show signs of needing more potassium or trace elements.

Maxicrop Label back

Maxicrop Label back

One Quart or 32 oz size $12.35

8 comments to Maxicrop Liquid Seaweed

  • LaDell Crookston

    Hey. It’s been a couple of years, but I finally got my system built. I’m having trouble with the pH so that cascades into other problems. The nitrates are low so I’m thinking the bacteria are not up to snuff yet. In the meantime I need some food for the poor plants who are struggling valiantly.

    It seems you mentioned someone’s name at the Aquaponics convention in Orlando who was local and who should be avoided. Do you remember who that was? I live in Ormond Beach and drive to Orlando every other Saturday. Would it be convenient to stop by your place sometime to look at your towers?



    • TCLynx

      What do your other water tests say? (If you have ammonia and nitrites showing up then yes it could be a bacteria problem) What is the pH? Hi or Low? How many fish?

      As far as who to avoid? I don’t remember? My farm is actually a bit past Orlando, I’m now in Yalaha. I often deliver produce to the Orlando Home Grown Co op on Saturdays though. I have some extra farm tours scheduled this coming week though
      Aquaponic Lynx LLC Tours and Events

      And I will be teaching in Winter Park the Weekend of April 20-21 Backyard and Urban aquaponics training

  • Preston Lindsey

    we have just built a small system approx 400 gallons of water and 300 bluegill fish how much extract do we need to add and do we just poor it into the water

    • TCLynx

      How much seaweed extract you need kinda depends on how much grow bed you have as well as other factors like your source water, fish feed and how mature your system is.
      To start off I would say add a tablespoon full to a shot glass full to the grow beds where the water enters the bed. Expect the extract to tint your water.
      for a very non-scientific way to figure out how much to add,
      If the water turns really really dark, use less next time. If the water doesn’t really change color at all after the beds have cycled through a couple times, you can probably add a bit more.
      In the early days with a system you might add a bit of extract weekly but once your system matures you might only add it monthly or when plants start showing signs of potassium deficiency.

      You can also mix with water and spray on the plants according to the instructions on the bottle

  • Maxi


    I have started an aquapoanics system here in Mexico and I would like to use some maxicrop on it.

    I wonder if you could ship it here and how much would it cost?

    I would like One Quart botle.


    • TCLynx

      Sorry I’m not set up to ship liquids out of the USA

    • Mike Beckman

      Maxi – I am in Tx and having a difficult time with my aquaponics and the heat. My greenhouse is 10×15 with 10 foot ceilings. I have a 50% shade clothe, fan in and exhaust fan out. The temperature is still close to 100. Any recommendations? Thanks for your help.


      • TCLynx

        Only 100 in a greenhouse this time of year?
        Take the plastic off for the summer. Maybe only leave the plastic over the roof if you are in a heavy rain location. Fans and windows/doors are not enough in a sunny subtropical climate.

        Roll up sides and open ends as well as a complete ridge vent in addition to fans and shading are needed in a HOT climate.

        If your climate is dry, some evaporative cooling might help.

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