They are back but I need to update this as the selections have changed. I’ll get a picture posted soon.

Please contact me with your order and I can make up an invoice for you. Please include your name, shipping address (I expect this will go via USPS unless you request otherwise) and the variety of seeds and quantity of each you desire and I’ll get back to you with a paypal invoice or my mailing address if you prefer to pay by check or money order. (I don’t ship until the check clears.)

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Please check the shipping address listed in your paypal transaction as you check out! If that address is wrong contact me ASAP since I pack and ship orders quickly and I do it based on the address paypal gives me. I prefer you have a confirmed paypal address since unconfirmed addresses mean I need to confirm the shipping address with you (this takes time and can delay shipping.) If you get an e-mail from me with a subject like Re: Payment received from your e-mail@your it is me trying to confirm something about your order before I can ship, please open it and respond if you want your order shipped asap. I do not earn money on the shipping. The paypal calculator is not very flexible so if it over charges you for shipping, I will refund the difference. There is a place on paypal where you can add instructions about shipping (for instance if the shipping address is a business address according to UPS/Fed Ex it might allow me to save you money on shipping for certain products if I know about it, otherwise I have to assume residential shipping. If you add your phone number there I can use your phone number if I ship via Fed Ex for certain products and they can call you if there is an issue with delivery.) If Paypal doesn't charge you for shipping, it is probably because you are in another country or someplace I don't normally ship to, I will be contacting you about it since I will need to find out the shipping costs to your location and send you an invoice for the shipping or refund your order if I can not ship to you or if you don't want to pay the shipping. I normally Sell in the USA but have occasionally shipped packages internationally. Plants and Fish I only sell in Florida at this time and I am not set up to ship fish yet.

Return and Refund Policy

I try very hard to quickly answer questions about products before the sale. If you are uncertain about a product please ask, I want to make sure that what you buy is what you need and what will actually work for you. If you buy a product and change your mind about it later and want to return it, I will have to charge a re-stocking fee and I can only accept returns on unused items. I can only make refunds for 60 days after the purchase through paypal. I do not refund the shipping or pay return shipping unless the reason for the return is on my end. Please contact me for instructions before returning anything. If I'm not expecting something to come back, I won't know what to do with it if it actually makes it to me. Some packages are shipped direct from the manufacturer and simply mailing something back to them won't get you a refund. If there is a problem with a product, please contact me so we can work something out. Some items are covered by warranty.

Golden Gate Seeds

Barbados Cherry Black Sesame California Wild Strawberry Cilantro
barbados-cherry-front-mediumbarbados-cherry-back-medium black-sesame-front-mediumblack-sesame-back-medium california-wild-strawberry-front-mediumcalifornia-wild-strawberry-back-medium cilantro-front-mediumcilantro-back-medium
Custard Apple Dragon Eye Dragon Fruit Goji berry
custard-apple-front-mediumcustard-apple-back-medium dragon-eye-front-mediumdragon-eye-back-medium dragon-fruit-front-mediumdragon-fruit-back-medium goji-berry-front-mediumgoji-berry-back-medium
Hami Melon Hawaiian Papaya Japanese Red Chili Peppers Jasmine flower
hami-melon-front-mediumhami-melon-back-medium hawaiian-papaya-front-mediumhawaiian-papaya-back-medium japanese-red-chili-peppers-front-mediumjapanese-red-chili-peppers-back-medium jasmine-flower-front-mediumjasmine-flower-back-medium
Kiwi Fruits Mustard Greens Pink Lotus Sesame Flower
kiwi-fruits-front-mediumkiwi-fruits-back-medium mustard-greens-front-mediummustard-greens-back-medium pink-lotus-front-mediumpink-lotus-back-medium sesame-flower-front-mediumsesame-flower-back-medium
Sweet Guava Thai Basil Thai Chili Vietnamese Black Pepper
sweet-guava-front-mediumsweet-guava-back-medium thai-basil-front-mediumthai-basil-back-medium thai-chili-front-mediumthai-chili-back-medium vietnamese-black-pepper-front-mediumvietnamese-black-pepper-back-medium