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U-Pick, Tours, Produce

Unfortunately due to Insurance costs, I can no longer offer Farm Tours or farm gate sales of produce or U-Pick opportunities.

Please see the events link to sign up to attend one of the tours or events.

Aquaponic Lynx LLC The farm is open to Provide Produce (e-mail at least a day ahead to have us pick it, it is too hot most of the year to pick after about 9am) salad, herbs, produce, plants and even get fish (live fingerlings or whole on ice only, bring your own transport container and aerator or ice.) Please contact me ahead of time if you are planning to get fish to check availability and so I can be prepared. In addition to the Aquaponics Systems, the farm also has soil gardens, wicking beds, vermiponics, and Duck a ponics to keep the water nice for our ducks and chickens.

Suggested Donation for regular Monthly farm tours are $10 per person or $20 per car load.
Please e-mail or call ahead the day before for produce.
FYI, if you want to stop by the Yalaha Bakery, you want to get there early rather than late. The bakery has a deli that serves lunch but the Deli counter closes by 3 pm.

I also do tours by appointment but I have to start charging for this because I’m finding I run out of time in the day to get everything done if I do tours all the time for free. If you want a special farm tour and to ask aquaponic questions other than during my regularly scheduled monthly farm tour, the cost is $60 per hour contact me for availability and scheduling.

Please wear sturdy shoes, ants seem to bite people in sandals first and we don’t spray poison to kill things, not even the ants.

Current offerings updated 8/04/13
Lettuce, Living lettuce, lettuce mix, lettuce seedlings.
French Tarragon
Water Chestnut plants
papyrus plants
Aloe Plants
Eggplant seedlings
Strawberry plants
Pea Shoots

It is often a good idea to contact the farm before showing up even during regularly scheduled hours to make sure of availability and conditions.

I prefer to be contacted by e-mail, you can use the contact form below
please make sure you enter your e-mail address correctly since I won’t be able to reply to you if you don’t. If you don’t get a reply from me, it could be there was a typo in your e-mail address or your spam blocker didn’t let my message through. I’m really good about responding to messages quickly.

Hello! Please use this contact form to send us an email.

If you absolutely must call me (my real life name is Aleece)
407-342-8515. If you make an appointment but something comes up and you can’t make it, please call to let me know so I don’t wait around for you.

Driveway is on Guava St, there are Green Aquaponic Lynx LLC banners on either side of the drive. If following a GPS, you want to turn off County Road 48 onto either Guava St or Yalaha Rd to get into the neighborhood. If the GPS tries to send you down another street, you will find that Guava doesn’t go all the way through like the GPS thinks it does. The corner of County Road 48 and Yalaha Rd has the post office and BC’s General Store/BBQ.

View 8748 Guava St in a larger map

Is Yalaha too far to drive for you?
If you live closer in to Orlando, FL, I sell produce through the
Orlando Home Grown Co-op.
If you live elsewhere in Florida and still want my products, contact me and maybe we can work something out.

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