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Bigelow Brook Farm IX Series Sequencing Timer

Bigelow Brook Farm,LLC
IX Series Sequencing Timers

8 comments to Bigelow Brook Farm IX Series Sequencing Timer

  • Frank Brent

    Hey TC
    Will the 180 allow me to control the diverter valve? Do es it also allow for back up pump/air pump turn on? And lastly do you carry the sensors for temp PH etc?

    • TCLynx

      The 180 can be modified to control a diversion valve but it won’t do it right out of the box and it does require an extra power supply since the diversion valves are 24 volt AC and the 180 is really only set up to to 110/120 VAC or DC power.

      No I don’t believe it is designed to turn on backup pumps. Now the relays in the controller could probably be wired for such but again that is not how the controller is set up normally.

      I don’t have any of the sensors but I can ask about them if you like.

      • Frank Brent

        Please ask about the sensors. I know the 180 can have a relay board. Does this give it 2 or 4 relay outputs total?

        • TCLynx

          I’m gonna see if I can get Rob (the guy who developed these controllers) to come answer questions direction instead of us playing telephone.

  • Hi Frank. The timer probably could run a diversion valve but I would need to know what the model is to verify it. This unit can be set up to have “dry” relays. Normally, if you have it running on 120VAC, that power would also go to the relays. However, you can disconnect that line and run your own secondary power into the unit and run that through the relays.

    It really isn’t designed to be used as a backup system. I would say if you want a backup pump, to just get a UPS and run it on that.

    The only sensor we design for this unit was for temperature. This unit was really intended to be a timer, and not a full controller. It works great as a thermostat so you can turn on/off a fan. You could connect your own sensors into it providing they output 0-5VDC. The unit is able to read this information and show a value from 0-1023….but there is no conversion to an actual measurement. (I don’t know of anyone that has actually connected their own sensors except for myself!)

    The units all have 2 relays in them which can be run as independent timers, or in sequencing mode so that one relay goes through it’s cycle, then the next one. You can also set it up so that one relay is working as a timer and another as a thermostat (or both relays as a thermostat)

    If you just need a timer, you can go with the IX-100 or IX-150. I would recommend the 150 since it has a display and is FAR easier to program. If you are planning on using a sensor the IX-180 is the only one that supports that.

    hope that helps!

  • Frank Brent

    Ok Thanks,

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