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Snap Clamps

Clamp picture

Snap clamp

These are ABS plastic clamps that are great for holding fabric, liner, tarps, plastic, etc onto PVC or Metal pipe.

I use them to secure the Durascrim Liner to my Frames for my tower troughs or water plant troughs. They will work to secure liner to metal frames for Raft beds.

The 4′ long by 1″ clamps (meant for clamping to 1″ pvc or 1 3/8″ metal conduit) are $7.01 each

They can easily be cut using PVC cutters.

10 comments to Snap Clamps

  • zan

    Looking to use these clamps for a patio awning innovation. Live in Orlando. Can we pick up from you so we can have for this weekend? xxx-xxx-xxxx

    • TCLynx

      I’ve e-mailed you. Yes I can do local pick up on certain items here at the farm. Please make prior arrangements since I do not stock all items all the time and this is not a retail physical store front so visits must be by appointment. I can’t take credit cards at the farm though so if you are not paying by cash we need to do a paypal transaction ahead of time.

  • Harold Rampaul

    I would like to order approx 5 boxes of clamps, I need to know the dimensions of a single box. I am interested in 4ft clamps for 1 1/4″ pipe. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Paul

    Do you have anything that will clamp to 1″ Conduit?



    • TCLynx

      Which kind of 1″ conduit?

      The Clamps I use and carry are the ones for clamping stuff to 1″ pvc pipe or the 1″ PVC conduit which happens to have the same Outside diameter as the 1 3/8″ fence rail or mechanical conduit.
      I do not have any clamps in stock for the 1″ EMT conduit.

  • patti kauffman

    wanna build a greenhouse (small) for seedlings…can u help..we live in Leesburg

  • JIM

    Hi. I am interested in building my 24’x 4′ x 8″ raft system out of metal fencing. Question… Can the Dura Skrim just sit on the ground, after I build the walls? I live in FL. and am worried about building the raft system out of wood. Thanks JIM>

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