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Zipgrow Tower Single tower bucket system.

Zipgow Tower over bucket system

Zipgow Tower bucket system

Complete or DIY Kit

The two different options have a different price to cover the shipping difference.

The more costly option will have the bucket and base board with the flange already installed so no tools will be needed to assemble the kit.

The DIY version will require the buyer to source their own bucket and board (I use an 18″ long piece of 2 x 12 lumber) as well as require a drill and bit (1/8″-3/16″) for the pilot holes and a nut driver or wrench 7/16″ to drive the lag screws in.

Of course I can and will put together custom stuff, just contact me to let me know what you are interested in. These towers are perfect for very flexible designs.
Here is a video showing the planting of the towers. A pull hook is not mandatory, a clean screwdriver will work for pulling the media.

So that was the video done by the inventor of the towers a while back. They have made some modifications to the towers since then and here is a video of me planting a new tower all on my own.

I even left the bloopers right in. If I can plant a tower alone even with accidents in under 5 minutes, I think most people can manage it.

5 comments to Zipgrow Tower Single tower bucket system.

  • Bob Grinder

    This looks like an easy way to get started. Is there anything I need to add for this other than the Fish? i.e. pump, if so What type/size of Pump?

  • TCLynx

    It is an easy way to get started.

    This single tower set up comes with a pump. Actually, that was the most challenging part, to find a small pump that could lift water up high enough for the towers.

    If you are going to use this with say some guppies or goldfish, I would recommend perhaps adding a small aquarium pump and air stone. If you are just going to do hydroponics with it, then you probably don’t need the extra aeration.

    I will also recommend a water testing kit and a thermometer if you are going to be keeping fish.

    For use indoors, you will probably need some extra lighting for the plants but I’m not terribly experienced in indoor grow lighting.

    Again it is a flexible design. You could hang the tower over a 10 gallon aquarium if you want to see the fish better.

    For planting the tower, you will want a space where you can lay the tower down and hold it in place with a screw (there is a hole on the top back of the tower just for this purpose) and then you will pull the media out the bottom, slide the next piece of media down and as you slide the first piece of media into the top you put the seedlings in. This will require a bit of space since the tower is 5 feet long and you need a couple feet of clear space at either end. And you want it to be an easy to clean space since you will be cleaning up water after you do this. (I’ll have to see about linking a video of tower planting here.)

  • paul andre

    Does the zipgrow tower comes with a growing medium? If so what is it, and can it be reused?
    Pump is included, what type of guarantee & where could I get a replacement pump.


  • TCLynx

    Yes the towers come with the filter media that filters the water as it holds the plants in place. If you watch the videos of planting the towers you get a look at the media. And yes it is reusable (and replacement media is available as well.)
    Yes the pump is included. One year warranty and I can sell replacement pumps though any pump that moves about 258-264 gph and has a max pumping height of between 6.5-7 feet should do the job for somewhere around 20 watts.

  • That is a wonderful ideal with the bucket. I admire your work and ideals that you come up with. Keep up the good work.

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