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Announcement, Update 07/05/2014

With the New Baby little time has been given to the farm so things are looking shabby, I’m still doing tours to show people the reality of trying to farm as a “sideline”. Since we are now into summer, produce production has dropped to almost nothing since most of my crops don’t like the extreme summer heat. I expect to have lettuce and greens available again come Late September.

Aquaponic Lynx LLC is an internet store, aquaponic consulting business, and Farm. Based in Central FL but, not a brick and mortar shop, as in not a retail store that you can just show up at to purchase things off the shelf. If you want to show up and buy something, I suggest that you contact me to make sure I actually have the item on site (some products are shipped direct from the manufacturer to save you money,) find out what forms of payment (credit card is only through paypal on the internet) I can take at the farm, and make an appointment. Showing up unannounced means the dogs could be loose guarding the farm and 70+ pound puppies are not always well behaved with strangers.

Aquaponic Lynx LLC Farm products

  • The Organic Buyers Club out of Umatilla may be carrying some of my products this season and may have some of my lettuce at the Lake County Farmer’s Market in Eustis at the Fair Grounds On Thursdays.
  • Available at the farm by appointment (Please let me know if you would like a regular weekly pickup or delivery of my produce, Use my contact form.)
  • BlueBayou Has a raft of my lettuce hooked up to their fountain this year.
  • Bi-weekly through the Orlando Home Grown Co-op
  • We do have lettuce and are working on expanding growing space for the cool weather crops for this fall The Kale and Celery is starting to get harvested a little bit while the basil harvest is tapering off.


    Welcome to the official website of Aquaponic Lynx.  A Florida, USA based company dedicated to helping families grow food naturally. Selling Aquaponics Systems and Products, And Now Farming and selling Aquaponic Produce.

    “Aquaponics the cultivation of fish and plants together in an constructed ecosystem utilizing natural bacterial cycles to convert fish wastes to plant nutrients.

    This is a re-circulating culture method harnessing the best attributes of aquaculture and hydroponics without the need to discard any water or filtrate or add chemical fertilizers.”

    Aquaponics is a natural, efficient, and eco-friendly way to grow food without the worry of toxic herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers since those things would harm the fish and bacteria. Biological and mechanical pest control are practiced in Aquaponics.

    By adding plants to a recirculating aquaculture set up (or even an aquarium) one can reduce or eliminate the need to change water because the nutrients are now a resource for the plants rather than a pollution for the fish. And by using fish waste as the nutrient source, the hydroponic portion avoids having to buy costly chemical fertilizer mixes to grow plants.

    Despite the technical sounding nature of aquaponics, an aquaponics system is very easy to install by someone with basic DIY skills in their own backyard.

    So, what is needed in a complete aquaponic system?

    For more information on purchasing or building DIY aquaponic systems follow this link. Aquaponic Systems Aquaponic Lynx LLC also carries a variety of aquaponics products for building your own DIY Aquaponics Systems.

    (Below is an example of barrel-ponics system – easy to build, maintain ….. ideal first time DIY backyard aquaponic system) Zipgrow Tower Aquaponics System Mini Zipgrow Tower Aquaponics System

    Barrel-ponics aquaponics-system

    Barrel-ponics aquaponics-system

    Zipgrow Tower Aquaponics System

    Zipgrow Tower Aquaponics System

    Mini Zipgrow Tower Aquaponics System

    Mini Zipgrow Tower Aquaponics System

    • A place with adequate water, circulation and aeration for the fish
    • A place with adequate support, water, nutrients, and aeration for the plants
    • A place with adequate surface area, water, aeration and dark for the bio-filter bacteria
    • Some means of adequate solids filtration that will not deplete the rest of the system of dissolved oxygen or introduce negative compounds.

    How to manage 1-3 is usually rather easy, number 4 seems the most hotly contested topic in aquaponics today.

    Why aquaponics?


    • An aquaponic system is a drought proof garden.
    • Aquaponic fish are an additional benefit to the garden.
    • By feeding fish you are also feeding the plants.
    • Water-wise, aquaponics use one tenth of the water than a normal soil garden.
    • An aquaponics system can be set up at waist height and can also be more accessible than soil gardens.
    • Can grow food where there is no soil.
    • No costly chemical fertilizers.
    • You can’t use toxic pesticides.


    • Need electricity.
    • Fish safe containers – whether bought or made yourself.
    • Aquaponic systems, on start up, require a good source of fish safe water.
    • Aquaponic systems can not be left for extended periods of time.

    What can Aquaponic Lynx do for you?

    We offer three distinct areas of aquaponics expertise.

    Aquaponics Systems

    We have put together for you a selection of systems ranging in sizes from starter up to a size we call ‘Family Feeder’.  These aquaponics systems come as a complete turn key system in kit form for self-installation.

    Aquaponic Products

    Here you will find a range of special aquaponic supplies, items not easily found elsewhere.  For example, aquaponics indexing valve/sequencing valve.

    Aquaponic Services

    We offer a variety of services to help you with either your backyard aquaponics system, all the way up to fully commercial systems.  These services include – site assessments, help with with installations, online technical support, custom system design.

    Where is Aquaponic Lynx?

    Due to the internet and modern communications we are everywhere!  This means our services can reach you anywhere in the World. Shipping is anywhere in the USA, however, for site visits and installations we focus on the state of Florida, USA.

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