Aquaponic System water chemistry analysis and adjustment

Aquaponics can be quite elegant and simple in many ways but when you start getting into the details of how to adjust your nutrient balance for a larger scale operation, it can get more complex.

It may pay to get some professional help.

Just like in soil farming, every so often you really need to . . . → Read More: Aquaponic System water chemistry analysis and adjustment

Air Diffusers By : BubbleMac

Glass Bonded Silica Medium Pore Air Diffusers

In the past people have asked me about what air stones I used. Well the answer has changed since the Aquatic Eco Systems Sweetwater Air Diffusers are NOT the same anymore! However, the Originals are still being manufactured (just not under the old trademarked name) and are Now available here!

I will be adding the . . . → Read More: Air Diffusers By : BubbleMac

July 2015 Monthly update

Happy 4th of July everyone! Farm is good, family is great, just trying to keep up with my beautiful 16 month old son. We are into the heat of summer and in Florida that means it is too darn hot for most of the vegetables under traditional conditions. Many farms just put in cover crops . . . → Read More: July 2015 Monthly update

Yalaha Locally Grown Online Market

I’ve decided to start a Yalaha Locally Grown Market.

This will be a market for Central Florida, specifically around Lake County. I’m sorry to bother those of you who are not near by.

This market is still being set up!

Please feel free to sign up. We are looking for customers and growers to . . . → Read More: Yalaha Locally Grown Online Market

April 2015 Farm Update

Sorry It’s been a while since I made any updates. This past year has been busy. My son is now just over 13 months old and I find it very challenging to keep up with everything I need to do. Over the winter we had been selling produce to the Howey Market and the Orlando . . . → Read More: April 2015 Farm Update

August 2014 Update

August 10, 2014

Farm has been basically shut down for the past month. Pumps are still running, fish are still getting fed but all we have really been doing is cleaning and making sure the animals are all doing fine. Little to no veggie planting or harvesting has been going on and no marketing. It . . . → Read More: August 2014 Update

40 and 4 Months

That is I Just turned 40 years old and I’m 4 Months Pregnant. This brings a whole new meaning to trying to live healthy and eat healthy which is very related to the topic of Aquaponics and Home food production.

When trying to eat healthy for pregnancy avoiding pesticides is of high concern. While some . . . → Read More: 40 and 4 Months

Commercial Aquaponics Discussion

This is a popular and contentious topic lately, and with good reason. There are NOT many farms out there making their living from aquaponics and those that are, have not been doing so for a terribly long time. Most of the ones I know of happen to be on tropical islands that provide for a . . . → Read More: Commercial Aquaponics Discussion

TCLynx Newsletters Update

Hi all and thank you for your patience as I get some updated software figured out. I promise the amount of posts are likely to settle down a bit here shortly as I get caught up and sort out how it all works (I teach myself web design and website management in my spare time . . . → Read More: TCLynx Newsletters Update