If I wrote a book?

Who would want it?

What if it was just a compilation of what I’ve been saying for the past 5 years plus what I’ve been learning lately packaged into a single document?

I’ve been teaching Aquaponic Plumbing and basic system design/layout for a few years now and I’ve been writing blog posts and answering questions . . . → Read More: If I wrote a book?

Getting Started in Aquaponics

There seems to be a fine balance in aquaponics between those who hear of the concept and go out and throw a bunch of fish in a tank and then ask about how to hook up the plants and then on the other side there are people who will study and research and drive them . . . → Read More: Getting Started in Aquaponics

Test your gravel before you buy

This is just a very quick video post to demonstrate how easy it is to see the difference between media that will keep your pH too high and media that will probably work for Aquaponics.

Tools needed; A glass or clear plastic container Some Vinegar (white or distilled vinegar will be easiest to see through) . . . → Read More: Test your gravel before you buy

Drilling holes in plastic container Tips

Originally posted by TCLynx on AGC, June 13, 2010


A nice whole saw kit plus a few larger whole saws (of the appropriate size for bulkhead fittings or uniseal fittings of whatever two primary large sizes you are going to use if doing a large system) are definitely a must in the Aquaponics Tool . . . → Read More: Drilling holes in plastic container Tips