Stock Tank Ponics

I’m working on a ups and extras kit to supply the more specialized parts for a person to build an aquaponics system based on my 300 gallon system. I will include the uniseals, gravel guards, indexing valve, pump, and timer. And you will source your own stock tanks, blocks, and plumbing parts which can all . . . → Read More: Stock Tank Ponics

The Joy of Being Green

No I don’t mean being green like saving the planet. I simply mean a pH test being in the green. Now this is the API freshwater master test kit pH test that measures from 6.0-7.6 where yellow would be dangerously low (not because 6 is too low but because you can’t tell if it might . . . → Read More: The Joy of Being Green

300 Gallon system Jan 20, 2011 Video

I thought everyone would like to see the growth of the plants in the 300 gallon aquaponics system over the past 18 days. It’s looking pretty good now that I’ve added some netting to keep the neighbor chickens from eating the seedlings.

I’ve adjusted some things so that the aquaponics system is now operating . . . → Read More: 300 Gallon system Jan 20, 2011 Video

300 gallon video Jan 2, 2011

Well at the beginning of 2011 the 300 gallon aquaponics system looked a bit empty on the plant life but the fish were doing well. Here is a video of that aquaponics system.

Again this is the 300 gallon aquaponics system. That 300 gallon measurement is the fish tank size, attached to that 300 . . . → Read More: 300 gallon video Jan 2, 2011

300 gallon update

Well, after cleaning out the dead fish and leaving the system pump constantly and running flooded beds for several days as well as some extra pumping and filtration, the water is still a little cloudy but I decided it was time to put in some test pilots. I moved 4 fish from the other system . . . → Read More: 300 gallon update

Fish Kill

Ya know my post yesterday? I spoke too soon. I have now experienced a total fish kill in a system. Let me explain.


This was in my 300 gallon system (the big system is still doing fine and the really big fish are still living.) It is winter here and my systems . . . → Read More: Fish Kill

How to Wash Gravel

Gravel and washing stations

In earlier posts I may have mentioned gravel washing. Let me elaborate on this. First you might ask Why? Why would one wish to wash the gavel before putting it into an Aquaponics System? First, because we want to keep our grow beds fairly free flowing and having sand . . . → Read More: How to Wash Gravel

Home Aquaponics

I specialize in Outdoor backyard scale aquaponics systems using flood and drain media beds for filtration and plant growing space. There are plenty of other methods and I’ve been experimenting with some of them as additions to my current backyard systems. Since I have minimal experience with the other methods, I’m not willing to comment . . . → Read More: Home Aquaponics

TCLynx 300 gallon systemBuilding a completely new system with experience

Originally posted by TCLynx on AGC, June 18, 2010

Now I feel a little out of order here since I realize that I probably haven’t done a very good job of describing my main system or any of my other systems on this site. (The main system’s story is a bit long and I don’t . . . → Read More: TCLynx 300 gallon systemBuilding a completely new system with experience