Cycling and water chemistry issues

There really isn’t much difference in cycle time between methods (and the ways to “speed up cycling” really don’t do all that much to speed it up either, I guess people just like to feel they are doing something pro-active and that is a big part of the problem.) It’s the stress involved when people . . . → Read More: Cycling and water chemistry issues

Impromptu Workshops!

This week Jan 1-5, 2012 sudden changes impromptu workshops, moving gravel. Hi All. It was a while back that I had said I would be inviting people out to see what was down in the bottom of some grow beds. Well I’m not gonna be able to provide a lot of notice here as things . . . → Read More: Impromptu Workshops!


Was thinking today about terminology. See many people want to do something like Aquaponics but they don’t necessarily want to use fish and some don’t even want to use water creatures at all so we get terms like



organic hydroponics



Well I don’t really think the term organic hydroponics works very . . . → Read More: BIO-Ponics

Aquaponics is it simple or complex 3

Now that you have done some research into your water, media, space, and goals for your aquaponics system and perhaps built a small learning system. You will be cycling up your learning system.

You need to have a test kit and the system set up and any water issues already sorted out (chloramine or chlorine . . . → Read More: Aquaponics is it simple or complex 3

Aquaponics is it simple or complex

Nature is it simple or complex? YES they are both. On the surface Aquaponics is very simple (and it can be fairly simple to operate too) but under the surface there can be some rather complex chemistry going on.

For Aquaponics lets start with some of the seemingly simple starter ingredients for building a system.

. . . → Read More: Aquaponics is it simple or complex

Cycling up a new system

So you have built an Aquaponics system and water is circulating through it. So now what should you do?

This starts the period of what we call cycling up an Aquaponics system. It can be done with fish or fishlessly. I am a big fan of fishless cycling since it removes most of the stress . . . → Read More: Cycling up a new system

Fishless cycling

Originally posted by TCLynx on AGC, June 4, 2010

Here is the basic of fishless cycling in a nutshell so to speak.

Dose system to an ammonia level between 1 and 2 ppm then wait and test till ammonia levels start dropping. If the ammonia levels drop below 1 ppm and the nitrite level is . . . → Read More: Fishless cycling