300 Gallon system Jan 20, 2011 Video

I thought everyone would like to see the growth of the plants in the 300 gallon aquaponics system over the past 18 days. It’s looking pretty good now that I’ve added some netting to keep the neighbor chickens from eating the seedlings.

I’ve adjusted some things so that the aquaponics system is now operating . . . → Read More: 300 Gallon system Jan 20, 2011 Video

Picture from last winter

Cold morning Dec 6 2009

Here is a picture from last winter inside the greenhouse. It was cold out early in the season last winter but things were still moderate enough inside the greenhouse to keep the tropical plants alive at least early in the season. This winter is different with no protection . . . → Read More: Picture from last winter

Rodent Issues

There are many obvious benefits to a greenhouse but there are also some drawbacks. Rodents.

Compost pots ravaged for their worms

That first winter with the greenhouse the rodents in the area were pretty bad and they found the greenhouse to be a nice place to keep warm, find food and be protected . . . → Read More: Rodent Issues

First Aquaponic Winter

putting up plastic Nov 2 2008

What to do with an aquaponics system for winter protection? My large system trellis/shade structure of cattle panels made for a wonderful support for greenhouse film which was easily secured over my system. Winter here in central Florida is generally rather mild but that first winter was . . . → Read More: First Aquaponic Winter