Before you send water to your NFT pipes

Originally posted by TCLynx on AGC, June 12, 2010


Yes that was me shouting.

What’s NFT, that would be nutrient film technique or when you put the plant cups in holes in a pipe or trough and trickle a film of water along the bottom of it.

An aquaponics system is more than . . . → Read More: Before you send water to your NFT pipes

My “Net Pots” or cups with wicks

Cup with holes

cup with holes 2

This will be a long one with lots of pictures. Back when I started doing Hydroponics I was too cheap to buy proper net pots for my DWC but I happened to eat yogurt regularly from little cups with a lip around the top. . . . → Read More: My “Net Pots” or cups with wicks

NFT Project

Bracing and header tank for NFT pipes

setting up tubes

NFT stands for Nutrient Film Technique and is the method that uses the pipes or channels with the holes and plants set in them. It is important to filter the Aquaponics fish tank water before sending it through NFT pipes, otherwise . . . → Read More: NFT Project