Trying to keep up with blog posting

It can be quite a challenge keeping up with posting information while also trying to operate a farm, take care of a house and do other outside jobs.

This is actually a test post so see if I have the app set up correctly to re-post my posts to facebook.

Valve controllers

Ok, I can do it. Make a controller for the automatic diversion valves (and thus the indexing valves as well.)

valve controller quick bang up prototype

Definitely nothing fancy. Now I have not worked out any elegant way to be able to change the programing in the field so if I made one . . . → Read More: Valve controllers

Weather tracking

Ok, just letting everyone know that I have now added another page into the live garden cameras section. It is a weather page. I’ve managed to get a weather station talking to my old computer and now I’m working on getting that to upload information to the web site. It is a work in progress . . . → Read More: Weather tracking

More Tech Frustration

So I got some CCTV stuff so that I might be able to add more cameras. However, so far as I can tell, all the CCTV set ups seem to only let you access the images by logging into a secure site through internet explorer with Active X enabled and all that junk.

I want . . . → Read More: More Tech Frustration

New additions to site

Announcing some new additions to the web site.

I’ve added the Live Web Cam pages and Duck TV has been live for a few days. I will be adding more pages as I get more cameras up online.

I am also adding more information pages to Aquaponics In Detail as a sub page of Aquaponics . . . → Read More: New additions to site

Random ramblings and Spam comments

Ok a common random comment I see to get on here and I suspect is it really just spam but if some one really does like my blog that much and really wants to ask me questions about the development, then please just use the contact form, (it is the in the middle of the . . . → Read More: Random ramblings and Spam comments

Duck TV-post

Testing out Duck TV (and chickens too, they all like the duck-a-ponics system) If you like Duck TV and want to see Fish TV, please donate to the fund so I can afford some live web cameras for the fish tanks.

Your browser does not support iframes.

This is a live web cam . . . → Read More: Duck TV-post

Techstration that is tech x frustration

So I’ve been spending hours trying to figure out how to make a fish cam. Well it isn’t the fish cam itself that is frustrating me. It is how to get it up on the web that I’m struggling with.

So far I don’t think most of my problems actually have anything to do with . . . → Read More: Techstration that is tech x frustration

host video here?

Well I’m tinkering with lots of little things trying to learn more about hosting videos and web cams and other things Please enable JavaScript.fp-color-play{opacity:0.65;}.controlbutton{fill:#fff;}play-sharp-fill LinkEmbedCopy and paste this HTML code into your webpage to embed.

I spent several hours today figuring out how I might be able to host videos directly on my own . . . → Read More: host video here?