Weather tracking

Ok, just letting everyone know that I have now added another page into the live garden cameras section. It is a weather page. I’ve managed to get a weather station talking to my old computer and now I’m working on getting that to upload information to the web site. It is a work in progress and there isn’t much to it yet. One step at a time anyway.
I’m able to track indoor and outdoor temp/humidity as well as wind speed/direction. There is also a rain sensor and pressure readings. However, the most important thing to us in aquaponics, is the water temperatures. I’ve got a floating temperature sensor in my Big Aquaponics System fish tank as well as in the 300 gallon fish tank aquaponics system. This time of year the 300 gallon fish tank has warmed several degrees above the big tank. This will be really interesting to track over the seasons. The 300 gallon tank does get much more sun than the big system and it is less than half the size.

Anyway here is a link to the new weather page, please stop back often as I hope to get more improvements going soon.

I have an oregon scientific weather station that hooks to the computer with a usb cable. The weather station can have up to 10 temp/humidity sensors. The Aquaponics systems have two floating wireless temperature sensors in them.

I tried a few different weather station software solutions. First of course the stuff that came with the weather station. Ugh, didn’t work well for me at all. Then I tried downloading the Virtual Weather Station but as I tried to muddle around with it, I found it too into the graphics and had trouble getting just raw data to show how I wanted it. I also wasn’t sure that it would log the data for future retrieval (of if it did, I couldn’t figure out how to deal with it.) So, I stumbled upon Sourceforge and a weather station data logging software. Now this is much more bare bones and not flashy looking. But all I really want is a graph and to log the temperatures long term. I don’t need flashy jpgs for every time I look at a graph. I want something that can run on an old machine and not bog it down too much. So I’ve got that running. It is able to FTP the raw data in an htm file. Now I just need to add a way to upload the graph as well. Probably need a separate ftp client for that.

Anyway enjoy

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