Valve controllers

Ok, I can do it. Make a controller for the automatic diversion valves (and thus the indexing valves as well.)

valve controller quick bang up prototype

Definitely nothing fancy. Now I have not worked out any elegant way to be able to change the programing in the field so if I made one . . . → Read More: Valve controllers


Yea, say that ten times fast!

So, a few weeks ago the brains for my automated low pressure valve fried. A bug crawled in and got toasted between a couple transistors in the H-bridge and the smell of burnt electronics ensued. I did manage to get it working again for a day but then it . . . → Read More: pumperflouternating

Indexing Valves for Constant Height in Fish tank

I’ve had a few people ask about doing constant height in Fish tank systems with Aquaponics indexing/sequencing valves lately.

Doing constant height in fish tank (CHIFT) with an indexing valve does require a slight modification of thinking. There are ways to do it but I don’t think I would recommend doing it with only one . . . → Read More: Indexing Valves for Constant Height in Fish tank

Solenoid Valves

Originally posted by TCLynx on AGC, Sept 25, 2010

I want to make everyone aware that those inexpensive solenoid valves like used for irrigation are not necessarily the simple way to control water flow to grow beds.

See those solenoid valve require a certain amount of water pressure to operate properly. If there isn’t enough . . . → Read More: Solenoid Valves

Low Pressure Automated Valve

Valve contraption

Some might ask me how I manage to use an indexing valve on my big system CHIFT PIST set up when my pump runs constantly. Well this might not be the best layout for using an indexing valve but I’m managed to make it work.

valve insides

I designed . . . → Read More: Low Pressure Automated Valve

Indexing Valves

Want to sequence the flow of water into your grow beds to only flood one at a time? Want to avoid extra wiring and control electronics? Then consider an aquaponics indexing valve. All that is needed to operate this valve is a flow of water that starts and stops. If you are already . . . → Read More: Indexing Valves