Fish Cam Footage

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So here is some footage from my Fish Cam. I’m still trying to get Fish TV live online but it has given me challenges. Still want more cameras for Aquaponic Lynx Live Garden cameras.

Anyway I hope you enjoy seeing . . . → Read More: Fish Cam Footage

Weather tracking

Ok, just letting everyone know that I have now added another page into the live garden cameras section. It is a weather page. I’ve managed to get a weather station talking to my old computer and now I’m working on getting that to upload information to the web site. It is a work in progress . . . → Read More: Weather tracking

More Tech Frustration

So I got some CCTV stuff so that I might be able to add more cameras. However, so far as I can tell, all the CCTV set ups seem to only let you access the images by logging into a secure site through internet explorer with Active X enabled and all that junk.

I want . . . → Read More: More Tech Frustration