Test your gravel before you buy

This is just a very quick video post to demonstrate how easy it is to see the difference between media that will keep your pH too high and media that will probably work for Aquaponics.

Tools needed; A glass or clear plastic container Some Vinegar (white or distilled vinegar will be easiest to see through) . . . → Read More: Test your gravel before you buy

Gravel washing

Originally posted by TCLynx on AGC, June 9, 2010

Many people will ask “What’s with this Gravel Washing?” The answer is you don’t really want the random unknown sediment settling into your system and possibly damaging your pump or clogging up your grow beds and plumbing.

Now some media is fairly clean and some people . . . → Read More: Gravel washing

Lumber and Liner termite damage

Wet corner

wet under liner

before emptying the bed

Well, I finally discovered my mistake in building with lumber and liner in Florida. Termites have caused some of my grow beds to begin leaking. Time to make a change. We will replace the middle leaking grow bed with two . . . → Read More: Lumber and Liner termite damage

How to Wash Gravel

Gravel and washing stations

In earlier posts I may have mentioned gravel washing. Let me elaborate on this. First you might ask Why? Why would one wish to wash the gavel before putting it into an Aquaponics System? First, because we want to keep our grow beds fairly free flowing and having sand . . . → Read More: How to Wash Gravel