Aquarium Broke

At some point I noticed that the Aquarium was leaking and I needed to do something about it. I took apart the aquarium carefully and painstakingly cleaned the glass of all silicone. Then my Mom and I siliconed the parts back together very carefully. Then had to wait while the silicone cured. Finally I was . . . → Read More: Aquarium Broke

New Quarantine Aquarium Aquaponics System outside

Aquarium moved outside

Well, getting ready for some new catfish so we moved the aquarium outdoors to become the new Quarantine Aquaponics system. We decided the big aquarium indoors was too much moisture for the house and we needed more storage space in the spare room. Well why not set it up outside? . . . → Read More: New Quarantine Aquarium Aquaponics System outside

Aquarium Aquaponics System 4


As noted previously, my indoor Aquarium Aquaponics system didn’t work well for breeding tilapia. It was too chilly for the female tilapia to really get in the mood. With indoor temperatures between 75 and 78 F the aquarium water temp tended to stay between 70 and 73 F. I wasn’t willing to . . . → Read More: Aquarium Aquaponics System 4

Aquarium system 3


I can say that the aquarium Aquaponics system did work, as an aquaponics system. However, it didn’t work very well for breeding tilapia. See, tilapia like warmer temperatures for breeding and I didn’t want to heat the aquarium.



Now on to No Holes Overflows. These things . . . → Read More: Aquarium system 3

Aquarium system, Building Shelves 2

So how does the Aquaponics Aquarium shelf lifting saga end?

Ahh ratchet strap

Ah the magic tool, the ratchet strap! What the strap around the aquarium wasn’t foreshadowing enough? 🙂 So as you might imagine this process took a few minutes and several strap re-sets.

Reset strap

Just had to find . . . → Read More: Aquarium system, Building Shelves 2

Aquarium system, Building Shelves 1

Aquarium with ratchet strap

Building Shelves

I got this aquarium at good will, the top brace was not holding so I added some wood slats and a strap.

So starts the Aquarium Aquaponics system build. I found these cool brackets that along with 2×4’s make for great shelving. However, my house . . . → Read More: Aquarium system, Building Shelves 1