Gently Used Zipgrow Aquaponics Towers 5′

Gently Used Zipgrow Tower

I have available several Gently Used Zipgrow Towers with their matrix media, wick strips and new unused hanging hooks.

Gently Used Towers with Media, wick strips and new hanging hooks. These are used towers in good condition. There is some organic matter present in the media, the media was rinsed, it has not . . . → Read More: Gently Used Zipgrow Aquaponics Towers 5′

Muck not too bad

So we have removed 5 grow beds. The Big system and tower system are tied together to utilize the filtration in the towers. There is still quite a bit of gravel online but we are working hard to remove the shells and get the pH/water chemistry into better order. So after two years of heavy . . . → Read More: Muck not too bad

Tower Garden Delivery Anyone

[Show as slideshow] Who is interested in having a tower or salad, greens or herbs or perhaps a mix delivered to their home weekly?

I can offer that service in Northwest Orange County Florida and the Mount Dora area of Lake County Florida.

Please contact me if you desire being able to pick fresh . . . → Read More: Tower Garden Delivery Anyone

Second Weekend at Market

Well here are a few pictures of the modifications to the Market Display, Towers are now truck mounted making it much easier for one person to set up/take down the display. [Show as slideshow]

So now we have 10 towers hooked up hanging off the frame over the bed of the truck and a . . . → Read More: Second Weekend at Market

Putting Bluegill in with the Catfish

Ah well, just yesterday we finished harvesting the rest of the big catfish out of the big system.

Last of the big catfish

So the big tank was empty of fish. It was time to move some of the small catfish out of the tower system and into the big tank. I think . . . → Read More: Putting Bluegill in with the Catfish

Going to Market

All right this is the eve of my first trip to Market with Aquaponics stuff and Lufa. I’ll be At Renningers Flea Market (up the hill from the Antique Market) in Mount Dora, Florida tomorrow (Sat, 11/26/11.) I’ll be out in the Field Row 7 space 3. White Truck with White tarp up over it . . . → Read More: Going to Market

Been Busy

Hay Guys sorry I’ve been too busy to do much in the way of pictures or video lately.

The Zipgrow Tower system has expanded to 40 towers.

I’m frantically trying to get enough seedlings grown up to fill up all my new Zipgrow towers so I can start providing fresh herb Towers to the market. . . . → Read More: Been Busy

Vertical Aquaponics

And No, I don’t mean the fish part of it. But vertical Plant Growing, Vertical Aquaponics usually means that the Hydroponic component is vertical as in some form of towers.

There are Pocket tower where one cuts 3 or 4 inch or bigger PVC pipe and heats it to push in and create pockets where . . . → Read More: Vertical Aquaponics

Bucket Zipgrow tower stand

Coming soon.

Bucket and Zipgrow tower system

Basic one Zipgrow tower and 5 gallon bucket stand. Could be used for a goldfish or simply hydroponics or just as a way to have one tower inside to make harvesting your herbs and salad right in the kitchen possible.

This tiny little system could be an . . . → Read More: Bucket Zipgrow tower stand

Zipgrow Tower Sale

My big order of Zipgrow towers arrived today and to celebrate I’m having a sale.

Planted towers in evening

5′ Hanging ZipGrowTM Tower $89.95 SALE $75.95 Part: ZGS-T5H

Our Patent Pending 5′ Hanging ZipGrowTM Tower is designed for hobbyists and conveyor style commercial plant production operations. This tower is hung by a removable . . . → Read More: Zipgrow Tower Sale