Tower Garden Delivery Anyone

Who is interested in having a tower or salad, greens or herbs or perhaps a mix delivered to their home weekly?

I can offer that service in Northwest Orange County Florida and the Mount Dora area of Lake County Florida.

Please contact me if you desire being able to pick fresh salads right by your front or back door (could put it anywhere you have a power outlet outdoors or perhaps even indoors though that makes scheduling delivery a bit trickier.)

The images above are Zipgrow towers planted in an assortment of herbs, lettuce, greens and edible flowers. The plants grow in the towers hooked to my aquaponics systems. No Chemical pesticides, Fertilizers or herbicides are used around them (since such chemicals would be bad for the fish and bio-filtration that makes aquaponics possible.)

To start out for a limited time $25 per tower delivery in the local area From Apopka Florida North and West in Orange County and several miles into Lake County around that Northwest corner of Orange County. For now we can work out the display system on a case by case basis. I have a basic bucket/stand set up with pump that is very utilitarian but a more elegant attractive display can be worked out, however, many houses in my neighborhood have a front porch beam with hooks for hanging plants which could replace the stand and then all that is needed is a container, pump and outlet to plug it into.

So, please let me know if you would enjoy a fresh garden salad growing right at home that you don’t need to worry about weeding or digging or planting. Or perhaps fresh herbs right at your fingertips without needing a green thumb. Aquaponically Grown and free of chemicals. It’s like having an aquaponics system without needing to worry about the fish or setting it up or planting it.

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