Salt for fish Health

So, I realized I need to get some numbers on here to help those who don’t think in metric to figure out how much salt to use per gallon and so on. Salt can help protect fish a little from nitrite so having 1 ppt of salt in a system during initial cycle up is . . . → Read More: Salt for fish Health

2011 catfish group order

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I’m getting ready to get an order of catfish to quarantine. Since my systems can handle the minimum order and the 300 gallon system will be able to handle quarantine of a fairly large number of small fish I am offering to get a larger order than I need . . . → Read More: 2011 catfish group order

Sometime Fish Get Sick

Let me start by saying I have never (knock on wood) killed a complete stock of fish. However, occasionally things happen and I have lost a few. Most illness in fish is brought on by stress and poor water quality. It is important that when one will be handling the fish the water quality should . . . → Read More: Sometime Fish Get Sick

New Catfish Dec 24, 2009

New tiny fish

Our year three initial order of fish. Tiny Channel Catfish fingerlings. Sometimes when you go to get fish, your only choice might be to get what they have on hand or get nothing at all. So at that time we picked up what was supposed to be 100 3-5 inch . . . → Read More: New Catfish Dec 24, 2009

Bigger Quarantine System

New Quarantine system

Finally, I moved the waterfall tank back by the two North Grow beds on my big system and turned that into my new Aquaponics Quarantine system. Tank over 200 gallons and about 200 gallons worth of grow bed.

That should be enough to make a decent quarantine system I would . . . → Read More: Bigger Quarantine System

Aquarium Broke

At some point I noticed that the Aquarium was leaking and I needed to do something about it. I took apart the aquarium carefully and painstakingly cleaned the glass of all silicone. Then my Mom and I siliconed the parts back together very carefully. Then had to wait while the silicone cured. Finally I was . . . → Read More: Aquarium Broke

New Quarantine Aquarium Aquaponics System outside

Aquarium moved outside

Well, getting ready for some new catfish so we moved the aquarium outdoors to become the new Quarantine Aquaponics system. We decided the big aquarium indoors was too much moisture for the house and we needed more storage space in the spare room. Well why not set it up outside? . . . → Read More: New Quarantine Aquarium Aquaponics System outside