Uniseal Value Packs

Uniseal tank fittings

Uniseal fittings are a great inexpensive alternative to using bulkhead fittings. Can plumb round tanks.

The Value packs are designed to let you get the most for your money by sizing the packages to fit in USPS Flat Rate shipping options. I always shake my head when some one orders just one or . . . → Read More: Uniseal Value Packs

Valve controllers

Ok, I can do it. Make a controller for the automatic diversion valves (and thus the indexing valves as well.)

valve controller quick bang up prototype

Definitely nothing fancy. Now I have not worked out any elegant way to be able to change the programing in the field so if I made one . . . → Read More: Valve controllers

Automated Diversion Valves

Automated Diversion Valves now available.

Automated diversion valve driving an indexing valve

I am still working on a more elegant way to control these but I have two of them in operational testing on my farm. I do have the valves and actuators available for sale, contact me if interested and I can . . . → Read More: Automated Diversion Valves

Plumbing Class PDF

Hay just a quick blog post to let everyone know about a new page added to my site about the plumbing class I gave at the Aquaponics Association Conference. Right now the page isn’t much but it has a link to the PDF of my presentation slides and it’s a place you can make comments . . . → Read More: Plumbing Class PDF