Automated Diversion Valves

Automated Diversion Valves now available.

Automated diversion valve driving an indexing valve

Automated diversion valve driving an indexing valve

I am still working on a more elegant way to control these but I have two of them in operational testing on my farm.
I do have the valves and actuators available for sale, contact me if interested and I can set you up. $175.00 for the 1 1/2″ 3 way diversion valve and actuator combo. I am currently working on a controller kit for these valves though the Bigelow Brook Farm IX Series Sequencing Timer can control them with the addition of the 24 VAC power supply and a couple extra connections made inside the controller.

4 comments to Automated Diversion Valves

  • I’m in the process of building and setting up my own system (mostly to save some money), but I’ve run into “issues” that I think would be fixed by your valve controllers.
    Please let me know if I can give you a call to discuss my needs.

  • Darrell

    Hey can I control an actuator with a cam switch to turn the pool flow into and off from the heater. Send a message so we can chat. I want to be to turn the actuator to two positions. 1. Allow water to the heater. 2. Turn heater flow off and allow water bypass Back to the pool. 3 position cam switch, actuator, and 40v transform.

    • TCLynx

      These Valves are actually made for swimming pool systems. I don’t know much about using them that way since I don’t even have a swimming pool. I expect the swimming pool controllers made for the purpose could handle controlling them and turning off the pool heater when it isn’t needed/wanted etc. I don’t actually know anything about the cam switch, actuator, or transformer you mention. The actuators I have are 24 volt. I’ve been using a simple timer relay to make the actuator switch outlets every 5 minutes to alternate between indexing valves to flood grow beds.

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