World Water Day Aquaponic Farm Tours

World Water Day is Thursday March 22nd.

World Water Day

World Water Day

I don’t have time to prepare anything special but I’ll be home to give tours and impromptu classes/lectures on what aquaponics is and how it works.
Contact me For address or if you need directions. You can pick your own fresh herbs and greens, it doesn’t get fresher than that unless you buy a planted tower system to take home and harvest right before you eat.
I’m in Tangerine Florida, this map just shows the general area, it isn’t pointing to my house.

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4 comments to World Water Day Aquaponic Farm Tours

  • Rita Hanse

    I’d like to ride over on my Harley, is your property accessible on two wheels?
    What time are you anticipating arrivals?
    Is there anything I need to know or bring? Is there anything to purchase?
    Food, equipment?
    Thanks in advance, Rita


    WILL NEED ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER. (I’ll send in e-mail)

    • TCLynx

      Yes, I’ve had several visitors on two wheels. If you come in from Lake St you only have a short bit of good hard packed dirt road before my house, I’ll be sure to leave some chunks of wood out next to the drive to help keep kick stands from sinking.
      You are the first to contact me so I don’t know when people might be comming.
      I would say between 10am-4pm
      Bring good shoes, we don’t spray anything and the ants seem to target anyone in sandals. (probably not a problem if you are biking over.)
      I have some stuff on hand. If some one were to bring cash or checks (currently I only take credit card through paypal.) You could probably get pumps or timers or several other things I have on hand.
      Food, well if there are good looking veggies growing, I have produce bags and a scale, you can pick your own if you can get it home.

      I’ll send an e-mail with address so you can find the place.

  • Kenyon Hopkins (Bunjman)

    Hi! I would love to bring my wife with me to view your setup. I’m in the planning stages of setting up my first aquaponics system and would love the opportunity for my wife to see a working system so it’s easier for her to buy into the concept and allow me to spend the $$ to get it going. Plus if I don’t have to learn by trial and error it will save me countless nights of tossing and turning trying to figure out where I went wrong lol. We’ve been doing organic farming for several years now but I just learned about aquaponics a couple of weeks ago and have been reading about it ever since.

    I an investigator with the Medical Examiners Office and will be on duty Thursday so I can’t promise to be there, but I will try.

    • TCLynx

      If you can’t make it Thursday, contact me and perhaps we can arrange another time. Things will be busy though so it could be trial and error to find a time when we both are available.

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