Aquaponics in the Open

Not all aquaponics requires a greenhouse. If you live in a sub tropical or tropical climate a greenhouse has some challenges that might be easier to deal with by skipping the greenhouse in some cases.

There is far more to an effective greenhouse environment than simply a plastic cover. In a hot climate a simple . . . → Read More: Aquaponics in the Open

New Farm after First Frost

I find it interesting how different types of cold and different growing conditions affect plants differently.

What I mean is one plant that can easily handle a hard freeze can sometimes be totally damaged by frost while another can handle frost but the hard freeze kills it while others it depends on other conditions as . . . → Read More: New Farm after First Frost

Picture from last winter

Cold morning Dec 6 2009

Here is a picture from last winter inside the greenhouse. It was cold out early in the season last winter but things were still moderate enough inside the greenhouse to keep the tropical plants alive at least early in the season. This winter is different with no protection . . . → Read More: Picture from last winter

Greenhouse improvements second winter

Greenhouse Tied together

Come the second winter (we are now into the third winter of my aquaponics experience) I extended the greenhouse a bit and tied the tunnel over the monster bed in with the main greenhouse. Then I added some rain water collection and a hard roof section between the existing greenhouse . . . → Read More: Greenhouse improvements second winter