Cycling and water chemistry issues

There really isn’t much difference in cycle time between methods (and the ways to “speed up cycling” really don’t do all that much to speed it up either, I guess people just like to feel they are doing something pro-active and that is a big part of the problem.) It’s the stress involved when people . . . → Read More: Cycling and water chemistry issues

Why does the pH keep rising?

This is really just a reminder about a blog post from ages ago.

See I just read an aquaponics newsletter that made me think people will need to know this tidbit or they could find themselves repeatedly washing their concrete tanks with acid for years and still have a higher pH a few days . . . → Read More: Why does the pH keep rising?

Buffering the water up

Buffering the water up

Refers to adding a carbonate buffer to the water that will keep the pH from dropping too low or buffer the pH up.

Common buffers include calcium carbonate (lime or shells or chicken grit) or potassium bicarbonate (find it at brew and wine making supply places) The calcium carbonate provides calcium . . . → Read More: Buffering the water up

pH and Tap water

I point out this bit constantly online, don’t feel bad if you didn’t know it, I didn’t understand it in the beginning either and really got frustrated with hydroponics because of it.

Anyway, when you fill a container from the faucet or the hose with water and immediately test the pH, you will probably get . . . → Read More: pH and Tap water

New Products comming soon

Actually I have some of them available already, just haven’t had time to get them up here on the net. Maxicrop Maxicrop+ Iron Potassium Bicarbonate Algamin Gro-tone Dipel Dust Mosquito Dunks Ammonium Chloride Float Valves Air Pumps Air Stones Airline tubing More water Pumps New mini/micro aquaponics systems New Grow Media and much more I’ve . . . → Read More: New Products comming soon

Test your gravel before you buy

This is just a very quick video post to demonstrate how easy it is to see the difference between media that will keep your pH too high and media that will probably work for Aquaponics.

Tools needed; A glass or clear plastic container Some Vinegar (white or distilled vinegar will be easiest to see through) . . . → Read More: Test your gravel before you buy

The Joy of Being Green

No I don’t mean being green like saving the planet. I simply mean a pH test being in the green. Now this is the API freshwater master test kit pH test that measures from 6.0-7.6 where yellow would be dangerously low (not because 6 is too low but because you can’t tell if it might . . . → Read More: The Joy of Being Green

pH please have patience

Originally posted by TCLynx on AGC, June 15, 2010

We are talking about aquaponics which is supposed to be a living ecosystem, it is not a lab test kit. I have lately heard of several occasions where people used drastic measures to adjust pH and some of the situations were not so good for fish . . . → Read More: pH please have patience

Understanding the Details

I recently read a post some where that was criticizing how advice in a public forum might get taken as gospel and run people into aquaponics disaster.

I can understand where this might come into play when one skim reads without doing much of the introductory reading and picking bits of knowledge from here and . . . → Read More: Understanding the Details