Muck not too bad

So we have removed 5 grow beds. The Big system and tower system are tied together to utilize the filtration in the towers. There is still quite a bit of gravel online but we are working hard to remove the shells and get the pH/water chemistry into better order. So after two years of heavy . . . → Read More: Muck not too bad

Aquaponics and Food Safety

A big stir has been caused lately by a well known Aquaponics Operation warning strongly against worms in Aquaponics.

I’m going to talk a bit on this topic and what I believe are the more key underlying concerns.

See it really isn’t the worms. It is the possible pathogenic bacteria that can be associated with . . . → Read More: Aquaponics and Food Safety

Ant Proof Worm Bin Stands

I’ve spent a couple days working on the worm bins. We got lazy this past spring and the worm bins became infested with ANTS!!!!!! Arg

See before I had been using place the feet in a container of water or mineral oil method of keeping ants out of the worm bins. This method works fine . . . → Read More: Ant Proof Worm Bin Stands


It has come to my attention that I haven’t posted anything about worms or Vermicomposting to my blog. I originally set up worm bins for disposing of kitchen scraps and getting wonderful worm castings back in the summer of 2007. Worms are really easy to keep. There is a nice book out there Worms Eat . . . → Read More: Vermicomposting