Uniseal®, individual


Uniseal installed

Plumbing through tank walls is made much easier and less expensive using a Uniseal®. Unlike bulkhead fittings a Uniseals can handle slight irregularities or curvatures without leaking. With a sturdy backing, a Uniseal® can even be plumbed through liner.


Bulkhead fittings often have limited connection options and force the use . . . → Read More: Uniseal®, individual

Uniseal Value Packs

Uniseal tank fittings

Uniseal fittings are a great inexpensive alternative to using bulkhead fittings. Can plumb round tanks.

The Value packs are designed to let you get the most for your money by sizing the packages to fit in USPS Flat Rate shipping options. I always shake my head when some one orders just one or . . . → Read More: Uniseal Value Packs