Saturday Aquaponic Farm Tours

For the next Month I will be offering weekly farm tours, Saturdays from 1-4 pm, this is a great chance for Floridians to see Aquaponics

Come visit our farm in Central Florida to see what aquaponics is all about. $10 recommended donation per individual or $20 per group. Donation can be applied to purchase . . . → Read More: Saturday Aquaponic Farm Tours

Friday Fish Rodeo

I think this Friday June 22, 2012 may be the day to start moving channel catfish from the Big aquaponics system over to the new farm and the first 1000 gallon fish tank.

I only have one IBC and inverter set up to use for hauling fish so I will probably only move about half . . . → Read More: Friday Fish Rodeo

Putting Bluegill in with the Catfish

Ah well, just yesterday we finished harvesting the rest of the big catfish out of the big system.

Last of the big catfish

So the big tank was empty of fish. It was time to move some of the small catfish out of the tower system and into the big tank. I think . . . → Read More: Putting Bluegill in with the Catfish

New Catfish Fingerlings

It took a really long time but we finally got our new batch of catfish fingerlings.

I know I’m strange but I can be mesmerized watching water flow and watching fish is even more fun. So, I thought I’d share some video.

Please enable JavaScript LinkEmbedCopy and paste this HTML code into your webpage to . . . → Read More: New Catfish Fingerlings

May 25 Feeding the Catfish

So I’ve had some requests for more video posts. Well here is one I hope you will find fun even though it is kinda tricky to understand what you are seeing.

I wedged the camera in right next to the shoot on the fish feeder over the big system tank. Some of the catfish come . . . → Read More: May 25 Feeding the Catfish

Channel Catfish

Originally posted by TCLynx on AGC, June 10, 2010

Channel Catfish are currently my only fish species in my aquaponics systems.

Here are excerpts of the article I wrote on them for the Backyard Aquaponics Magazine (Full article with the pictures is available in the 5th issue of the Magazine.)

Channel Catfish Ictalurus . . . → Read More: Channel Catfish

It Was This Big!!!

Originally posted by TCLynx on AGC, May 30, 2010

Well Here is the blog post I promised about the BIG catfish. We had this girl for a little over two years and she was definitely an advanced fingerling when we got her. This one was from our very first batch of fish that we put . . . → Read More: It Was This Big!!!

Fish Cam Footage

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So here is some footage from my Fish Cam. I’m still trying to get Fish TV live online but it has given me challenges. Still want more cameras for Aquaponic Lynx Live Garden cameras.

Anyway I hope you enjoy seeing . . . → Read More: Fish Cam Footage

2011 catfish group order

This is posted on Aquaponic Gardening

I’m getting ready to get an order of catfish to quarantine. Since my systems can handle the minimum order and the 300 gallon system will be able to handle quarantine of a fairly large number of small fish I am offering to get a larger order than I need . . . → Read More: 2011 catfish group order

Fish Jump

Now I know I’ve covered the importance of covers over fish tanks before but I’ll mention it again. It is very important to have a cover over your fish tank for several reasons. 1-to keep the sun from causing algae problems in your fish tank (now you don’t need to completely black out the tank, . . . → Read More: Fish Jump