May 25 Feeding the Catfish

So I’ve had some requests for more video posts. Well here is one I hope you will find fun even though it is kinda tricky to understand what you are seeing.

I wedged the camera in right next to the shoot on the fish feeder over the big system tank. Some of the catfish come right up out of the water to lap at the food falling from the feeder.

Unfortunately the picture really degrades after the fish splash the camera.


2 comments to May 25 Feeding the Catfish

  • Sminfiddle

    Channel cats have their own Ninja Pac-Man way of rising and nomming the food and sliding away; I find it adorable. I love hand feeding them and haven’t sprung for the feeder yet.


    • TCLynx

      Automatic feeders are dangerous too. Some time observing your fish is really important. I wouldn’t use the feeders if I had a work schedule that allowed me not to travel so much.

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