World Water Day 2012 Water and Food Security

UN World Water Day

March 22, 2012 is World Water Day. Let us see how we can promote World Water Day and Aquaponics together because what better way to save water while growing local food and working to keep our water supplies safe along with our food supplies.

Aquaponics is a perfect way to . . . → Read More: World Water Day 2012 Water and Food Security

Plumbing Class PDF

Hay just a quick blog post to let everyone know about a new page added to my site about the plumbing class I gave at the Aquaponics Association Conference. Right now the page isn’t much but it has a link to the PDF of my presentation slides and it’s a place you can make comments . . . → Read More: Plumbing Class PDF

Aquaponics Association Conference

Very soon, perhaps too soon. I will only be home for one day before the conference Farm Tours. But That means everyone gets to see what is real, not something that has been prettied up just for the tour. My Systems have gone most of the past month without much attention from me since . . . → Read More: Aquaponics Association Conference