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Very soon, perhaps too soon. I will only be home for one day before the conference Farm Tours. But That means everyone gets to see what is real, not something that has been prettied up just for the tour. My Systems have gone most of the past month without much attention from me since I’ve been traveling for work (yea currently I still have my “day job?” so to speak. I do AV for corporate meetings and conferences in my real life, I’m and audio engineer and entertainment technician or for a less glamorous title, “stage hand”. And that is the truth, less glamorous, most of my work has to do with pushing boxes and running cables/wires and then wrapping up those cables and wires, putting them back in the boxes and pushing the boxes back to the truck.)

Anyway, enough of that. We are getting ready for the Conference all about Aquaponics and a new association to go with it. There will be farm tours and a chance to meet a greet all these people you know on the web and forums and have seen their pictures and videos and posts and we finally get to meet more of them in persona than just the ones in driving distance or near where you went for vacation. Then we get to hear some great keynote speakers and then a bunch of us are actually teaching classes. Very short classes though so I expect many people to come back with questions for me later since I’m sure there is no way to absorb even a basic plumbing class completely in only a half hour. But my goal will be to help those afraid of pvc conquer their fear and go ahead and plumb something together. It’s really actually fairly easy stuff to work with, kinda like adult tinker toys with a purpose.

Then there is dinner and book launch parties and the special tour at EPCOT and the first meeting of the association so it will be a packed weekend.

I’m looking forward to seeing many people there. I will be posting my class materials after the conference (heck many of my diagrams are already available over on BYAP in the useful diagrams thread) and anyone interested will be able to ask questions and get clarifications.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I’ll have some time for updates during or after the conference.

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