Muck not too bad

So we have removed 5 grow beds. The Big system and tower system are tied together to utilize the filtration in the towers. There is still quite a bit of gravel online but we are working hard to remove the shells and get the pH/water chemistry into better order. So after two years of heavy . . . → Read More: Muck not too bad

Impromptu Workshops!

This week Jan 1-5, 2012 sudden changes impromptu workshops, moving gravel. Hi All. It was a while back that I had said I would be inviting people out to see what was down in the bottom of some grow beds. Well I’m not gonna be able to provide a lot of notice here as things . . . → Read More: Impromptu Workshops!

Putting Bluegill in with the Catfish

Ah well, just yesterday we finished harvesting the rest of the big catfish out of the big system.

Last of the big catfish

So the big tank was empty of fish. It was time to move some of the small catfish out of the tower system and into the big tank. I think . . . → Read More: Putting Bluegill in with the Catfish

The Joy of Being Green

No I don’t mean being green like saving the planet. I simply mean a pH test being in the green. Now this is the API freshwater master test kit pH test that measures from 6.0-7.6 where yellow would be dangerously low (not because 6 is too low but because you can’t tell if it might . . . → Read More: The Joy of Being Green

May 25 Feeding the Catfish

So I’ve had some requests for more video posts. Well here is one I hope you will find fun even though it is kinda tricky to understand what you are seeing.

I wedged the camera in right next to the shoot on the fish feeder over the big system tank. Some of the catfish come . . . → Read More: May 25 Feeding the Catfish


Yea, say that ten times fast!

So, a few weeks ago the brains for my automated low pressure valve fried. A bug crawled in and got toasted between a couple transistors in the H-bridge and the smell of burnt electronics ensued. I did manage to get it working again for a day but then it . . . → Read More: pumperflouternating

Picture from last winter

Cold morning Dec 6 2009

Here is a picture from last winter inside the greenhouse. It was cold out early in the season last winter but things were still moderate enough inside the greenhouse to keep the tropical plants alive at least early in the season. This winter is different with no protection . . . → Read More: Picture from last winter

Low Pressure Automated Valve

Valve contraption

Some might ask me how I manage to use an indexing valve on my big system CHIFT PIST set up when my pump runs constantly. Well this might not be the best layout for using an indexing valve but I’m managed to make it work.

valve insides

I designed . . . → Read More: Low Pressure Automated Valve

Lumber and Liner termite damage

Wet corner

wet under liner

before emptying the bed

Well, I finally discovered my mistake in building with lumber and liner in Florida. Termites have caused some of my grow beds to begin leaking. Time to make a change. We will replace the middle leaking grow bed with two . . . → Read More: Lumber and Liner termite damage

More Big system changes

With the addition of the new Big CHIFT PIST fish tank, I decided to remove the waterfall tank and add a new grow bed in it’s place.

removed waterfall tank

Frame for new bed

This change to the aquaponics system will give a place to filter the excess water flow from . . . → Read More: More Big system changes